My Vampyre

My Vampyre

A Poem by Panda

For a vampire contest ;).. I must admit I am obessesed with vampyres and such :)


His lips are plush,

His eyes made of gold,

His heart makes not a sound,

His hands are so cold,

He is an immortal soul.


His body is pale like moonlight,

His arms strong like steel,

His fangs are long and sharp,

He has no remorse when he kills,

He is my Vampyre.


Many say he has not a heart or soul,

But I know differently.

His heart is more pure than most,

His soul cleaner then many,

His love will last an eternity.


My Vampyre is a lovely man,

With sweet words and oh so strong hands.

His fangs linger upon my flesh,

After a sinful kiss,

I ask him to drink my life,

He turns away and mumbles a lie.


He says he can not take away my light,

The very essence of my life.

He says he can not give me this,

An eternity of darkness.

He says I am not ready yet,

I say "You wanna bet?".


Many say he will take my life,

With no regrets or remorse in his eyes,

But I know differently of this man.

He is the sweetest taste of sin,

Kind, soft and laughter of sweet melody,

He is my vampyre.




© 2008 Panda

Author's Note

My Vampyre is of course based off of many movies and books I have read of vampires. I believe vampires are romantics and though they are damned to darkness, their soul and hearts or pure lights of love for "the one".

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Added on November 18, 2008



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