A Poem by melancholia skies

Now, don't I look like a fool?

Doing what was best for me,

Was the worst for you.

Is that cruel?

Everything seems so out of place, and silly.

I may like it rough, but you made me blue.

Blue as the abyss that is the ocean.

I fell in love with you. Every word, every motion.

A sudden change in character...

And now we're battling out and learning that love is war.

I'm your chain reactor.

One thing...

Amounts to everything.

You were all I was reaching for.

You let me go..

I fell to the floor.

And now it's already over.

You said it was too late! I said no.

Why? You were my friend, and my lover.

And now we're cast under.

You despise me.

I love you.

Had you just let me in,

There wouldn't be a war; no need to win.

Now, we're not backing down.

Cold emotion.

Not even a saddened frown.

I would give you my all,

But you let me fall.

Let these tears die.

Take all you want,

I will give you nothing any longer.

And when those walls of yours reach crisis,

Who's eyes will you long for, those of empathy,

And the one defense against the storm?

Mine, that is.

You were the begining, but not the end of me.

I won't have anything left for you. No shelter.

I will not have you,

It's the way things you let things be.

You can't change what you did.

I can't change what I've done.

So I'll pull the trigger of this gun,

A warning shot.

Right into the love we gave.

Your attitude is grave,

And it's only a matter of time.

You couldn't rely on me,

Yet I know exactly what you went through.

I've done it too.

I'm glad I now know this side of you.

This masquerade is over.

And so are we.

Don't you agree?

I won't be loving you again.

Not ever, my forgotten friend.



© 2009 melancholia skies

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Wow, this is so powerful. Raw emotions here! Be blessed.


Posted 10 Years Ago

I love how I could feel the emotion and relate to the character in your writing!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 24, 2009


melancholia skies
melancholia skies

Bradford, Canada

18. canada. female. not active, at all. most of this stuff is before i hit puberty lol. until you get into things not written with proper uppercases. then i was in puberty, LOL. new account for mat.. more..