Broken Record

Broken Record

A Poem by melancholia skies

Broken Record


So here we are.

Where else could we be?

In love? Just another maybe.

We`ve come so far,

And go nowhere?

What kind of sick joke is this?

We would once kiss,

but now we all do is pull hair.

I can barely breathe with you or without you.

Just what are we supposed to do?

We're just replaying and replaying,

Just like a broken record.

It`s become so routine, so regular,

that we don`t bother to look at each other.

You`re too busy.

Busy doing what? Another?

Just going to leave me hanging.

You`re no messiah,

I`m not the virgin Mary.

We`re two w****s fighting over the corner;

The corner called love.

Religion doesn`t even have anything to do with it.

So when will we get hit?

When will this ship sink?

I`m going to set this house on fire.

I`m sinful as the perfect liar,

But nothing in this twisted web we conspire.

Just someone who gets hurt.

So what about you?

Where to you stand?

You hold my hand and we stand on our empire of lies.

A fake love,

But I know you`re the one.

But as of this moment, we`re done.




© 2010 melancholia skies

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Added on July 12, 2010
Last Updated on July 12, 2010


melancholia skies
melancholia skies

Bradford, Canada

18. canada. female. not active, at all. most of this stuff is before i hit puberty lol. until you get into things not written with proper uppercases. then i was in puberty, LOL. new account for mat.. more..