A vow to the Moon

A vow to the Moon

A Poem by LuisaAnabett

Nothing more then just a dream within a dream Forget that dream, create a new one from the sin Or die without a ray of hope Spreading through limbs cold

Nothing more then just a dream within a dream 
Forget that dream, create a new one from the sin 
Or die without a ray of hope 
Spreading through limbs cold 
No sun, no vain, envelop me distant rain 
Moon listen to me i give you a secret key 
Unlock the hidden locked find the truth 
I crave attention,all that i wanted form my youth 
Give me wings, spare me the deeds 
Let me be free of greatest sins 
A sin i cannot forget, a sin turned into a cruel dream 
Dream i wish to hate but cant 
No will to spare the feeling of dread 
Rushing over me i feel the urge to cry 
Shedding a tear will help you fly 
Fly away like everyone does 
Shrugging away the guilt that sews them to one place 
Guilt that i feel like sinking sands 
Crushing my veins in distant lands 
They turn away, no longer care 
Words uttered pierce me deep and leave me bare 
Wanting to end the silly dream 
I ask you to cry at the stream 
Unleash the magic you hold within 
Help me get rid of my darkest deepest sin 
Don't turn your back on me, i beg 
Don't hear the words deceaving that i said 
To be all right soul in a turmoil, a facade 
A mask to fool the fools around 
And they dont notice that im bound 
Please listen to what i had said 
Give me wings, sever my fate..... 

© 2011 LuisaAnabett

Author's Note

um, random thought and all boiled up inside leads to such weird poems...at least i let it out, somewhat, hope you guys like it........

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I really enjoyed the rhythm and the rhyming. It had a lot o meaning behind it and I think it was really well written. Great write and keep up the good work!

Posted 8 Years Ago

i really like this poem it inspired me a lot! good job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on June 1, 2011
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Yervan, Arabkir hamajnq, Armenia

hello! I am Luisa, nice to meet you. I have a lot of likes, i dislike a few things too, my dreams hmmm, well, its not like i'm going to tell you what i dreamed of today....i have a lot of hobbies! Now.. more..

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