Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by LuisaAnabett

White gold lightning illuminated the sky, tearing it in two, followed by the roaring of the thunder. The heavens were angry, and many would think its just a coincidence, but not the two figures, standing beside each other on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the forest below... 
Another bolt of lightning, and the screams of the sky hid the sigh that escaped the lips of the taller figure.
"I...I had to get away, you know what I mean...", said a deep voice. Obviously a man speaking. 
This was directed to the smaller figure, who turned to the taller one. Another speck of light passed through the sky, showing the silhouette of the speaker. the figure was tall, and thin, but it could be seen from the complexion that he was powerful and strong. 
"I know...", came a small voice. It was the second figure. A woman, judging from the high and melodic voice. She was shorter then the man, and petite in complexion, but gave off a powerful aura, like the man beside her. She had a long sleeved light blue shirt on, it was big and slid off her shoulders, reaching her past her hips, tied by a black cloth, much like the young man beside her. Underneath, she wore black shorts, and a long thin katana was strapped to her back. both of them were barefoot. 
She looked at her partner sadly. His loose dark gray pants, reaching past his ankles were held up by a black cloth, tied around his waist. his hand was lightly touching the long katana, strapped to the waist, it seems he was waiting for something. Her sharp eyes noticed the grimace of pain flicker on his face and disappear as soon as it appeared. He thought she didn't notice, they never talked about it, he never knew that it was her who hear the prophecy that fated day, a year ago, when they just met. Her eyes got foggy and she turned away, he mustn't notice! 
"Akari, Akari, whats wrong, look at me!", he grabbed her by the shoulders and turned around, " i know that something is bothering you, and it has to do with me, why don't you tell me?" 
The girl, Akari, she put on the best smile she could manage and looked at him. She knew she couldn't fool him, he knew her thoroughly, he understood her through half word, through one glance after all. Her eyes lingered on the black scar, marring his upper torso, starting from the hip and reaching his neck, going on to the left side of his face, it was growing, the curse, once placed on him, just because of his pure soul and desire to help others in was killing him...and the black bandages that he always wraps around it, so that no one will know, maybe not many notice, but she does. 
"Don't worry, Shiro baka, I am ok, we had better get going, if we want to do the job.....", she stated and looked at the forest again, a small frown on her face. 
"Silly sister", he chuckled as he looked at the roaring sky. His mind was so full of thoughts, it was a jungle, a maze, not even he understood it, thought Akari had once joked that she will enter his mind while he is asleep and will organize everything there. He had laughed it off, after all, he was a light-sleeper. Even now, his mind was frantically working, trying to put pieces together, all the small clues that his mind registered, but it was all in vain. It was too much and he was dead on his feet. Shiro had to admit to himself, that Akari was right, he really needed some rest, but oh well....when had his life ever been easy? He was mentally and physically tired, and requesting missions just to be away from all the reproachful, fearful, angry and mostly lust filled looks. He laughed at that. Yup, the girls adored him for his "mysterious" and "cool" looks . Seeing him, many purposely fainted , which he completely ignored in favor of shooing away all the guys that kept flirting with his sis. Well, he had sealed his heart long ago, besides no mother ever would agree for their "precious darling girl" to be with the "creepy monster", who used his dark powers to make the female population literally drool over him. It wasn't his fault that he had dark gray eyes and white hair, hmph! And it was good that they hadn't seen his real eye color yet, the curse had altered that when it was placed on him a few years ago. He didn't want love, he didn't dare to fall in love again and be crushed once more. If only he knew..... 
He looked down at his sister figure. The petite form of the young girl was frozen in place. 
Her hair, falling in circles around her bare shoulders and creeping downwards to her lower back swayed as the wind played with it. Light brown... he sighed and looked away. The first time they met, nearly a year ago, the very first day, he saw her transformation, her hair had white steaks in it, and was glowing. He wouldn't ever forget that day, the fated day he met a girl without a name, a loner and not much like him. And they stayed together, deciding that two is better then one, and there was company both craved. 
His brow furred. Akari's eyes glazed over, as memories flooded her mind. Shiro looked at her with worry, but knew not to disturb her at such times, it just needed a few seconds for her to come back to the world of living. He never understood why this happened to her, so he left the pondering for the later, and settled to watching her closely while her mind was roaming the memories. And he had good reason for it, she tended to release the hidden energy in this state, not even knowing how. She couldn't control her power yet, and it was disastrous. He tightened the grip on his sword and narrowed his eyes. 
It may seem a few seconds to Shiro, but to Akari, its always a few hours, sometimes days...they say the time in mind goes faster, its true.... 
She found herself in a circular place, standing on blue-green water, wearing a simple white gown. She felt younger, a child, her long curly hair reaching her lower back, spread widely across her bare shoulders.... 
As she tried to understand the situation, a raspy, deep voice spoke. 

"He will save the demon child 
And his pure soul will be marred 

He will bear the curse till death 
Unless an angel crosses his path 

Defeat the monster he will have 
If he stays one with heart and self 

And free the voice 
That will heal the curse 

The angel will disappear 
If he frees the voice so clear 

The curse will lift once the voice is freed 
And the angel will leave their midst" 

Right? no left?, above? below?? behind? 
She whirled around, but no sign of the carrier of the disappeared... 
Feeling herself floating in nothingness, her eyes saw white, lots of white and blue.... 
"Two destiny's will fulfill, once the angel and the boy find one other, they share one soul" 

She opened her eyes with a start and gasped for air. Shiro was there by her side momentarily. 
"He sis, you ok?" 
From the tone of his voice it was clear that he was worried. 
"Y-yeah, i am, n-nothing to worry about, you know, just one of the silly memories again, heheh, you know me, i don't remember a thing form before a year ago", she giggled a bit, trying to ease the tension. 
"Lets go, we have a job to do, remember? The monster hidden here that eats the souls of people...", she added after a thought and looking down, at the rocks below, slowly started to climb them down, "come on, nii-san, you are making a woman wait!" 
The young man just shook his head, "Silly sissy, i am coming..." 
He sighed and followed. She didn't know of the power she held, but he did, he had seen it once...and it scared him to no end, knowing that such a silly girl had such powers, didn't know of their existence and couldn't control them..... 

None of them knew, that the silly mission, given to them by the king, accepted willingly by both, would change the future drastically..but for the better, or worse? 

© 2011 LuisaAnabett

Author's Note

enjoy :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask me

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Added on June 1, 2011
Last Updated on June 1, 2011
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Yervan, Arabkir hamajnq, Armenia

hello! I am Luisa, nice to meet you. I have a lot of likes, i dislike a few things too, my dreams hmmm, well, its not like i'm going to tell you what i dreamed of today....i have a lot of hobbies! Now.. more..