Opening Up My Chin

Opening Up My Chin

A Story by Luke L

I was six years old in first grade. It was recess at Laura Secord School, the alternative school in the better part of the City of Winnipeg. I was playing around with my friend, Adrian. We would usually do "alien work" most of the time.

That day we were playing a game where I would close my eyes and my friend would direct me around. We were on the loose gravel of the main jungle gym area. "Forward, forward, left." Each time I would walk a step or change direction based on Adrian's direction. This was fun, and I trusted Adrian. Mostly. Trusted that he wouldn't steer me in the wrong direction. Although I thought I was getting a little close to the big, yellow slide.

This game was okay, but it was a little slow-paced for me. So I started running around wildly, flailing my arms and

With my eyes closed.

A s**t-eating grin on my face (would you REALLY have a grin on your face if you were
eating s**t?).

Until I crashed into the edge of the slide chin first. I opened myself up, bleeding. I went crying to the nearby playground supervisor. Crying at the pain. As my blood dripped all over the ground. Adrian was telling me, "why didn't you just listen to me?"

I knew how stupid it was and didn't want to explain how boring his game was. It was the difference between chess and mixed martial arts. Sure, both fun games, but one has a much more frantic pace.

I received six stitches right under my chin and I can still feel the line underneath as I touch the area today. In
between writing this.

© 2016 Luke L

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This story actually reminds me It was in junior high it happened to me and i smacked bang into some railings.

This brought back some very funny memories.

Good piece to read i have to say.


Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on October 6, 2016
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