The last cigarette

The last cigarette

A Poem by Luke Ritta

A poem about tobacco.

A tall naked woman with long red hair blows smoke majestically into the air. She is sitting up in her bed covered in droplets of sweat, smelling of sex and  feeling  guilty and ashamed of f*****g her boss. she stumps out the cigarette into a silver ashtray and then looks down at her wedding ring.

   A man in his mid 40's walks the highways of America. His flat cap pulled down over his eyes, his jacket collar pulled as high as it will go and half a burning cigarette dangles from his cracked lips. 
                                                          He is looking for work!
                                                          He is looking for a new life! 
                                                          He is looking for his next cigarette!

A traveler from London rolls a joint out of a page from the bible in a small town in Bolivia. 
              An old man smokes a cigarette and drinks a strong coffee while                  relaxing in the warm afternoon sunshine.
Smoke rings float out from an overweight film producers mouth. A cigar hangs from his right hand while a 20 year girl from Oklahoma sucks his c**k.
               A beautiful women dressed all in black smokes a menthol cigarette outside her office. She is thinking about the bottle of red wine she will be drinking once she finishes work.

A 32 year-old woman with long dirty blond hair wakes up with  a extreme hangover. Her hands are shaking and the room is spinning as she grabs a cigarette from the beside table. She lights it with a match and then inhales, a few moments latter she is on all fours vomiting in the toilet.
  Beer, cigarette, beer, beer, puff, slurp, exhale, cigarette, whisky, cough, inhale, cognac and sleep.

                   A teenage girls smokes for the first time in front of her friends.
  A young man pots the black in a smoke filled pool-hall. He then lights              His cigarette with a gold zippo.
     A very old man smokes because it gives him contentment and happiness.
 A prostitute stands in a lonesome park. She has a clients c**k in her left hand and a burning cigarette in her right. As she jerks the man off she gazes into the hypnotic amber colored burning tobacco. She looks deep inside of it like she is looking into the center of the world, she is about to discover the meaning of her life, she is about to discover enlightenment......her toes then feel warm and slimy, the client has ejaculated over her right foot. The prostitute walks off into the rain soaked night looking for her next dollar.

An aging hobo with a bushy black beard rolls a thin cigarette with his dirty fingers. He places the dry tobacco in the rolling paper and starts to roll. The hobo then licks the top of the paper with his rough tongue and eventually his cigarette is made. It is snowing, the wind freezes the poor man right to the bone as he huddles under a bridge ! But the hobo has a smirk on his face as he takes a puff on his last cigarette.

© 2013 Luke Ritta

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Wow, such vivid imagery in this, this is really good and well written.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Outstanding visual translation. As I read I followed you from one visual to the next. Very descriptive to the point where I could smell the smoke. Variety of characters drawn. You certainly have a talent for taking people places.

Posted 8 Years Ago

the cigarette burning that smoke of commonality between a variety of people with a lot of decadence. I enjoyed this, atmospheric, grimy and delightful!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Luke Ritta
Luke Ritta

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