A Story by Lucille

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"Tony is Susan alright?" I yell over the howling of the train, Tony looks down at Susan in his lap, her head bleeds of blue blood, her hand is gripping onto Tony's shirt, he sits, his brown eyes are full of tears, mine are dry for I can't show Tony that I am weak, "well? is she okay or not?!" I yell again, Tony looks up with a weak smile "I think-" there is a loud noise that makes me, and Tony jump to our feet in a rush, "s**t, they found us" I whisper, I turn around slowly, and single Tony to go somewhere into the forest, he bites his lip, and nods, but then he runs over-Susan still in his arms- and kisses me, its a light kiss, but it feels warm, I feel as if I'm about to explode, and when he removes his lips from mine I want him back, now a tear forms, he nods again, his huge gray wings appear, and he flys out of the train, I watch him all the way till I can't see him no more. I then turn around, and wait, I take out my red wings just in case, and then I hear him, his feet hit the train's little cart in which I stand in, "hello, Eaton" I turn around in a rush, "hello Spark"  Spark wears jetpack around his back, his black hair is fulffed up to make him look young, in his hand he has a gun, I frown "so Eaton wheres the lover boy? and what do you call her? umm-" " shut up Spark!" angry fills my body, " you know what your right Eaton I should shut up or actually you should" he grins, and pulls the trigger. The pain after this is such I would never like to happen to me again, the bullet goes right through my shoulder, I feel blood go everywhere, tears flood my eyes as I fall to the ground, darkness starts to shape over my eyes as I black out.........
                                                           To be countiuned...... 

© 2017 Lucille

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Added on January 5, 2017
Last Updated on January 5, 2017




When I was little, I was told that I was someone that could draw anything. My heart warms with that comment. But I now see I am a writer. I have changed. No more sex on the street, no more sex in th.. more..


A Story by Lucille


A Story by Lucille