In Between...

In Between...

A Poem by LunaWolf

This reflects what i felt and what i'm sure a lot of people feel when they just cant blot it out any more....

Pt (i)

When you slip out of his manipulative grasp,
You crack open and the light seeps in,
Reality stings your eyes,
And submerges you in the darkness,

You fumble around reaching out,
Grasping everything, before concealed,
Each truth burning as much as those before it,
Each truth hurting an already fractured soul,

Confused, now weary, you fall,
Screaming, continuously reaching out,
Always reaching, always burning, always hurting,
Still under their control but without the blindness,

You pray for the blindness, you scream for it,
You cry for it in vein but with hope,
The light is always there, as is your fear,
The darkness is destroying you, yet the light is feared,

Swirling anticipation blurs the paths,
Dimly constructed but passable in time,
Thrashing out, you overcome the obstacle,
You de-construct it, disassembling the strongest barrier,

Pt (ii)

True strength is realizing,
The only thing stood in the way,
Of you and the light, That fear...,
Is yourself.

Cracking his mastery is conquering,
All that hides deep within, 
Tangled, emotionless confusion
Befalls all who slip out of their grasp, as does the key...

© 2010 LunaWolf

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Author's Note

Again, as always, apologies for grammar mistakes..etc.

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Added on December 19, 2010
Last Updated on December 19, 2010
Tags: Abuse, Alone, Scared, Emotions



Abermule, Wales, United Kingdom

Hi!!! I'm just an ordinary 15 year old girl from mid-Wales. i started to write a while back when life got tough.. it seemed to help. There is some things you cannot say so i just express it in my w.. more..

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A Poem by LunaWolf