• Perfect

    The phantom feel of your torso pressed to me
    And your caresses to my cheeks
    Fingers running through my hair
    And Soft kisses pressed to my temple
    A tear slips down my face
    A mixture of joy and intense pain
    filling me to the brim

    Your face swims in the dark of my closed eyes
    And Another tear falls as my fingers try to lock on air
    The emptiness where your fingers ought to be so intense
    I cannot seem to breathe
    My heart drops to the floor
    The imagined touches that much more devastating
    as I know they won't be coming true anytime soon

    A shudder wracks my form
    Violent, wrathful 
    Agony seeps from my every pore
    I want you, need you
    You belong with me
    And the miles that seperate should be nothing
    Yet every inch feels like a tear to my heart

    Your voice drifts to me through my haze
    Feeding my addiction to you
    The soft reassurances alleviating my insecurities
    With every letter of every word
    I love you that much more
    If it weren't for these moments 
    My heart would have fallen to naught

    Instead each sound of your voice
    Your laugh
    And your typed assurances
    Mend a tear in the fabric of my heart
    You make me whole
    When I fall, you catch me
    And as I cry, you soothe away my sobs

    It hurts
    Not seeing you
    Feeling you
    The ghost touches and sights silently burn me alive

    And then your voice sounds and the pain melts away
    And I know,
    no matter how much it otherwise kills me, 
    this is worth it. 
    This is perfect

    Perfect because it means you
    And you mend me
    Make things Right again
    Perfect pain
    But perfect all the same
    And so worth it
    I love you