To All Those Who Think That They Are Better Than Me...

To All Those Who Think That They Are Better Than Me...

A Poem by Wolfie

A rant that got interesting.


No, I'm not dressed in the latest fashion. And I don't put on make-up everyday. But my feet are not in pain from walking at unnatural angles, my curves look better in my tight t-shirt than yours in that little black dress, and when I wash my face at night and look in the mirror I still see the person that I want to see.

I may not drive that brand new BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus. But my little fixer-upper will take me farther than you can imagine. You can go to the mall and drive fast down the highway. But I can climb mountains and drive on water.

And while you're home crying because you're husband is "working late again" I'm in bed with my man's arm's wrapped around me as if he's afraid I'll disappear.

I may not be able to go afford to go to the grocery store every week or every month, but I can wield a gun and dress a carcass better than you can wield your credit card.

No, I may not have the nicest home in the nicest neighborhood on the nicest block. But while you're worrying that Julies grass is greener than yours, and Walter has better yard gnomes, I'm decorating my double-wide for the kids to enjoy and greeting my neighbors like they're my own family.

While your heater goes out and you're calling all of the repairmen you can think of, I'm sitting in front of a warm fire roasting marshmallows.

No, I'm not worried about having the biggest diamond on my finger, I'm thinking of the essentials or luxuries we can afford if I DON'T have it. While you're trying to show off and make all of your "friends" jealous and secretly hate you behind your back.

Yeah, while you are living your stressful, "horrible," cushy life, I'm enjoying my comfortable, doing ok, trying to get by day by day life.

So tell me now. Who's the better woman here?

© 2011 Wolfie

Author's Note

I know it's not exactly a poem but I wasn't sure what else to classify it as. So here ya go.

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No, it's not exactly a poem but it still has all the raw passion that goes into poetry. Your love and emotions here are clearly conveyed. I think if you feel like taking the time to spin this into a form of slightly more conventional poetry structure (time consuming, I know) you could create something lovely. You have all the potential here and I look forward to reading more by you. Ranting is always a fabulous way to get started into writing something great :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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