Flower from Death

Flower from Death

A Story by NutmegPirate

An as of yet storyless character, Fallon Storm, and her close call.


Riding at a crawl down the side of the road and completely lost in her own thoughts, she didn’t give much thought to the bicycle beneath her. That is, until the handlebars spun sideways for lack of momentum to keep them straight, and both she and her bike went down in a tangled heap of flesh and metal. She gave a lot of thought to it then.

Her face flushed as she tried to extract herself from the frame, and she hoped no one was arround to witness the most embarrassing moment of her life. That hope was crushed as she felt the bike lifted off her, and saw a pale hand extend to help her up. Her eyes warily traveled up from the hand to the stranger’s face.

The kid looked goth. Dressed entirely in black, his eyes appeared unnaturally shadowed, his smile a little too wide, his skin too pale. A black leather cord hung from his neck supporting a  small silver pendant, though of what she could not make out. Despite all this, she found him undeniably attractive.

He noticed her hesitation and smiled wider. “I don’t blame you,” he said, his voice smooth and luring. “But take the hand anyway. You don’t want to look like an even bigger fool.”

She took his hand and he pulled her up. “Um, thanks I guess,” she muttered, suddenly self-conscious.

“No problem.” He leaned the bike toward her. “Haven’t seen you around here before.”

“I don’t go this way often,” she admitted, still on her guard but pleased to stay longer.

“Allow me to walk with you,” he insisted as she took her bike. She nodded, and they began to walk slowly down the road.

“In fact, I’ve never seen you before in my life,” the boy continued, eyes slightly excited. “What’s your name?”

She balked for a split second before answering, “Fallon Storm. But you can call me Fall.”

“Fallon,” he mused. “Unusual name. Pretty though.”

Her lips twitched into a half-smile. “Now you can stalk me. What do you go by?” 

“I have many names,” he answered mysteriously. “But I think the best thing for you to call me is Det. Yes, I think Det will work nicely.”

Fall looked him over once more. Up close, she realized his pendant was a miniature scythe charm.

“Why do you wear that?” she wondered.

“This?” He plucked at his necklace. “It’s a death scythe. It’s kind of a personal joke.”

“How so?”

“I reap souls,” he said bluntly, and laughed. Fall gave a nervous chuckle.

“I haunt this street quite a bit,” he went on. “I’ve met a lot of people, mostly the elderly. But I like you. Never met anyone like you.” His eyes gleamed. “You have quite a life waiting for you. There is more ahead of you than I’ve ever seen in a person.”

“How do you know?” Fall’s voice was barely a whisper. Attractive, yes. Scary? Overly.

He smiled slyly. “I know many things. Because of your unusual future, Fall, I’ll let you go. I must say I’m sorry to have to lose you.” He stopped as the road met a four-way stop intersection. “Goodbye, Fall.”

“Wait,” she called, confused. “Will I ever see you again?”

Still smiling, he replied, “If you’re lucky, not for a great many years. Here, take this.” He reached behind him and produced a bloodred rose, as if he’d been carrying it in his back pocket. He handed it to her as if it were made of glass. “Remember me. I’ll be back for you.”

“What-” Fall began as Det walked back the way they’d come, but suddenly he was gone. She no longer stood at the intersection either. Instead, she lay in a collapsed heap with her bike pinning her down, right where she’d fallen the first time. A van was stopped running quite nearby, nearly on top of her. And all around were voices…

“Are you all right?” a worried female voice asked. Fall turned her head to see a curly-haired woman bending over her, her eyes wide. The motion made her head throb. Several other people clustered nearby.

“I’m fine,” she answered, puzzled. “What just happened? I must have hit my head.”

“I didn’t see you as I backed out,” the woman explained guiltily. “I think I hit your back tire and knocked you over. You wouldn’t respond for a second.”

“Are you sure you’re all right?” a man asked. “The hospital is just down the road from here, you could-”

“No really, I’m fine,” she assured them, untangling herself from the bike. “Don’t make a big fuss. I don’t live far from here.”

“Let me give you a ride,” the woman insisted. “It will ease my conscience. You can throw your bike in back.”

Fall reluctantly accepted. The woman helped her to her feet and, with some pushing and shoving, loaded the battered bike into the back of the van. The back tire was bent slightly out of shape, but Fall felt certain she could fix it later.

She climbed into the passenger seat and gave the woman directions to her house. As they drove, the woman said, “You’re lucky you didn’t hit your head harder. That was a near brush with death.”

“With death…” Fall repeated. She glanced down at her hands and started. The stem of a bloodred rose was still clasped firmly in her fist.

© 2017 NutmegPirate

Author's Note

Excuse this story altogether. It was quite uninspired and last minute.

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very nicely done. The way the story unfolded was well done. I liked it.

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thank you.
"Most embarrassing moment of her life," huh? Like running down the hallway, tripping over your pant leg and flipflop strap simultaneously, and falling to your knees in an epic skid in a hallway full of teenagers and their parents? We should start a club....

Anyway, I do quite like it. Scythe charm, eh? Is he friends with Jaema and Haerion? I suppose not, because it doesn't have a ruby blade... Bummer. I really did like it, though. The mechanics and flow of the story were impeccable. Your modifiers and descriptive language were well-thought-out and perfectly balanced. The idea of the story, while not the most original (but seriously, how many truly "original" ideas are there in fiction, anyway? We recycle more than the biggest tree-huggers out there), was delivered in a very masterful way with some unique characterization, even with our friend Det, the walking gothic stereotype. Which, by the way, you handled quite well. That takes quite a bit of talent.

While it may have been uninspired, I think it was very well executed and, hey, I enjoyed reading it. A lot. I look forward to seeing more of Fallon and her friend Det. :D

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Ah, Janna and Spencer's... grandchild? Have I gotten that all straight? (And yes, I gathered that "D.. read more

10 Years Ago

Going to message you, I'm about to give away too much. :) Can't let just ANYBODY read it.

10 Years Ago

I really liked this! I don't usally have a head to read stories, but this surprised me with how good it was.

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Really? I kind of thought it was… blah. Thanks!

10 Years Ago

A lot less blah than most stories I've read on here ;-)
I read it... just not quite sure. Is it in medival times? And did she die?

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

No, not medieval times. Notice the mention of a bicycle and a van. And it was only a brush with Deat.. read more

10 Years Ago


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