A Story by Lustre

A story of a girl with untold circumstance which started with a single voice in her head.


Timidly scanning her surroundings while nervously licking her bottom lip, she took a lungful of air, nervously gathered all of her courage in one piece, then took a courageous step towards the aisle, where a throng of people gathered in separate clumps with their voices echoed through the enclosed white walls of the Academy.


For a while, she had been hiding behind the white column; hesitantly peering to see Anna, Lucia and Stella talk to others, mostly boys that seemed to fawn over them. Biting her lip, she heard the blonde Anna’s high-pitch voice reverberating through the hall, catching everyone’s attention with their boisterous behavior.


Suddenly, she flinched thus, doubting her own actions.


'I can do this…’


Whispered the inner voice in her head as she clenched the strap of her leather bag, quietly praying for her pounding heart to stop as she neared the crowd.


‘If only the professor didn’t assign me to this task.’



Added the voice in her head with a sigh escaping from her lips, causing for the dreaded images of embarrassment to flash before her mind’s eyes, thus prompting her to coil in fear, and eventually, to pause on her walk.


‘This is impossible. I can’t -’


Without even taking another step, she pulled back and slammed her back  hard against the concrete  column, squeezing her eyes shut as her heart pounded loudly while the tips of her ears felt warm, slowly creeping down to her cheeks.


“I give up. I really can’t do this.”


Unconsciously she muttered under her breath as she eventually gave up.




“Give up on what?”



Upon the unfamiliar voice that trespassed her monologue, she quickly snapped her eyes open, and only to be surprised further at the appearance of a stranger leaning close to her with only an inch away from her face.


“Well?” Asked the person before her, his warm breath fanning against her cheeks.


Surprised and awkwardly uncomfortable, she sought for an escape, but soon realized the futility that there was no going back for her as her back hit the column.


“I-I am sorry…”


She muttered, quite dumbfounded of the encounter that she shrank back, slowly turning behind her for a getaway.


“Sorry? Why are you apologizing?” He asked, suddenly putting an arm over her shoulder while resting her palm against the wall thus eventually blocking her path.


“I-I don’t know - I’m so sorry! Oh please, I’m really sorry for saying sorry!”


She apologized, suddenly bowing her head low and immediately bumping against the stranger’s forehead, causing the latter to stagger behind with his hands pressed hard against his temples, whilst groaning in pain. Seeing what she had done, she hesitantly approached him, hand over her mouth.


“I- I’m really sorry… I- I didn’t know - I didn’t mean to-”


However, her voice soon faded into the buzzing crowd and as she noticed it, it was already too late.



“Wow, I didn’t know that you can be such a violent person…” She heard Anna uttered in a voice laced with sarcasm while her hazel brown eyes glared at her.


“N-No… I didn’t mean it to -”


“You pretentious Miss Goody Two Shoes, trying to act so-innocent now after what you have done.” Scorned the brunette Lucia, raising a brow upon her with a lip set in a thin line.


“That’s why I don’t trust good people because they’ll eventually stab you in the back.” Rooted the ginger-haired Stella with a cold look in her gray eyes.


“N…No…. Please don’t harshly judge me like that - I didn’t mean it and I didn’t even know that he was -”


“You are just desperate for Lucas’ attention, you b***h!”


“N…No… stop it… That’s not what you think-”



‘Aren’t you tired of them all?’


Suddenly she stopped- frozen, her lips still parted open and her eyes wide-opened, watching how Anna, Lucia, Stella and the others were openly point their fingers at her, their faces devilishly grinning with their  eyes glinting with malice and hatred except -



“Wh-What’s happening? How come I can’t hear them?”


‘You hate them, right?’ Asked a voice inside her head which greatly caused her to quake with fear.


“What? A-And… who are you?”


‘It doesn’t matter… I’ll deliver the punishment for you…’


“Punishment? No…No… I must be crazy… Talking to myself like this…’


‘Crazy? Hmph… Maybe, but, you don’t need to know. Just fall asleep for now and everything will be fine.’


“I’m crazy…! I’m crazy…! Stop this! Leave me alone…!”


However, her own voice faded as soon as the curtain of darkness veils before her.










© 2017 Lustre

Author's Note

This story has just began and I know that I am missing something here. Of course, criticisms are always welcome. Please help me improve my writing. Thank you!

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I was confused at the beginning about what it is that she was supposed to be doing. But the end made me interested in the story. :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Hi, there! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and I'm glad to know that the end.. read more

4 Years Ago

You're welcome.
dude. i need to see what happens next. please upload more. i do have to say i think the "mean girls" overreacted, but maybe not. i dont know this character's life.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Hi, there! I'll be sure to upload more. Thanks a lot for the time to read. I'm glad that this has be.. read more

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I came here to see if I am worthy of being called a writer. :) more..


A Story by Lustre

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