Fridays f*****g suck.

Fridays f*****g suck.

A Story by LyLy

Jaxith can't keep away from those blue eyes that haunt his dreams. Virgil wants nothing more than to be left alone. Where's the romance?

__-Jaxith's POV-__

Starting today, I have to be the better man. Starting today, I have to show that I'm not the wallflower I've been since first grade. Sitting across from me is the boy who I've been slowly getting attracted to over these long and painful years. Tick, tock, tick, tock; I really hate that clock. He's always watching it with those deep, electric blue orbs that spoke more than his lips ever did. Those black painted lips that he pierced four times in the last three months, the ones I've been dreaming of for a few weeks now. Pursed as always, his eyes were either on the clock, or they locked onto his notebook that he drew in. His jeans were always tight, his shirts always black, and his skin always pale like he never really liked the outside. He wasn't the kid with the best grades, he wasn't the one that spoke up every day (except in Government; damn he had a vocal opinion in THAT class), and he really had no friends. What I really saw in him wasn't the silence that he tried to broadcast, but that voice when he let his steel walls fall down. Music class was the only time he ever relaxed enough to do it, to let anyone see past that facade of such a blended in teenager.

The first few days of the year, when we did nothing in class, he asked me if I'd play the guitar for him almost like a ritual. He'd hand me that beloved notebook with such a delicate hand, I thought he was going to faint if I held it for too long. Or maybe that was just the way his skin was so pale, and his hair was always dyed black. I think it was originally a dark brown, but now it's always as dark as a country night. His name is Virgil, and he's not my boyfriend, much to my dismay. However, even as I sit beside him today in science class, I can see what he's writing. I never ask why his words are written so strongly, or with a sharpie pen. But I do know that today he wrote my name down on a lose-leaf piece of paper before writing something else down with it. He took a few minutes on it, folded it up, then hid it away into his pocket. I'm still trying to find the inner strength to say something, but he doesn't seem to notice how I can't look him in the eye. I think he just wants to see what's wrong with me on his own time. That's when he sudden speaks up, that soft but determined voice in the air like a swing of a blade, so fully executed and profound.

"Jaxie?" It was the first time I'd heard him actually call me by anything other than my real name. It almost stunned me, but I did look at him. I couldn't lock eyes with him for long without turning them down to my own notebook in front of me. I was looking down at the notes from today's class session, about how plants reproduced and all that. "Can I copy your notes? I can't focus today." I didn't know what to say, so I just smiled slightly and pushed my notebook over to him. But my hand brushed against his, my tanned skin so dark compared to that distinctive, almost pale white flesh. Blushing slightly, I swallowed the lump in my throat and Virgil smiled over at me a bit, his tongue running over today's one lip ring. Some days he'll wear all four, but today it was just one.

"Sorry," I muttered out under my breath, honestly not in the least, but when his hand grasped mine in a faint hold, I looked up. He had moved closer, his blue eyes inquisitive and brightened; I was sure he was going to kiss me. But he only smiled and winked before pulling back from me, going to start copying my notes. But his hand didn't leave mine. I moved my hand off the notebook and turned my palm skyward, his palm against my own. His wrist was against mine, and I could feel what felt like scabs over that delicate and beautiful skin. That couldn't be why he was so quiet and wrote things like a mad scientist all day, could it? Nah. Virgil Devhal wasn't like that; he just wasn't going to be slashing his wrists like some scene kids, because it was cool or anything! He seemed to not either notice or care that I was shooting him a worried look, just intent on copying my notes. Maybe this was why he'd ignored class today, to talk to me in his own way. I didn't think it right to ask, but this worried me all the same.

Virgil was quiet, but he was humming a tune of something under his breath as he wrote the words down. It sounded like something he'd asked me to play on the guitar the other day when we had a free period in music class. I almost had the name in my head before the bell rang, spooking me almost out of my seat. His eyes went to me as he felt me jump, and I could have sworn I heard him laugh under his breath. He rose, pulling his hand away from mine as he grabbed his bag, slung the black cloth over his shoulder, and headed out the door. I looked at the table, and there was that paper, settled when he had just been writing. Grabbing my notebook, the paper, and my own green bag, I headed out. But as always, I was the last one to leave.

I went to my locker and stood against it, taking the paper into my hands and opening it up. I was partially worried this was going to be something bad, but I knew Virgil; I knew he was a good man.

"Jaxith, I'm sorry to say that as much as I do like you, I'm not interested in hurting you. You're a great friend, even if you jump like someone's just shot you in the foot at every noise. Get yourself a better man than me. The only reason I'd want to be your guy would be to f**k you senseless, and I don't want to do that to you. Meeting someone afterschool, so don't go to the locker room or you'll probably regret seeing what you will.


I read the words out loud quietly to myself, and admittedly, I felt heartbroken. But he wasn't saying these things to make me angry; Virgil was just a blunt person under those glacier orbs that just screamed out his emotions. So, with a heavy heart, I put my bag away with my books and shoved the paper into my jeans pocket before I started to head home. Today wasn't going to be a good day after all, and it kind of saddened me. I wanted to be here for Virgil, but he seemed hell-bent on not letting me get hurt. Now, I've heard around the school that Virgil was a player, but those rumors I'd never seen evidence for. Did he really go around and have sex with others just on a daily basis? The guy looked so fragile to me, it just didn't seem right.

__-Virgil's POV-__

"D****t, Jax. You can't be getting that close anymore." I sighed, shutting my eyes as I held onto the sink in the locker room with a tight, white-knuckle grip. I'd just touched up my eyeliner moments ago, but I wasn't so happy with what had just happened in class. Jaxith was my friend, but he didn't seem to grasp the idea I'm not much of a boyfriend. No, I didn't want to be anyone's toy after what happened with the church. I couldn't let the thoughts come back, not right now. I heard someone slowly approaching the locker room and I turned around, opening my eyes and crossing my arms defiantly. The red door opened and I could hear those sneakers squealing like the pig this older man was. My lips were pursed as I took in his form of our school colors ad a jersey, knowing what was coming next. Like a flood, the jocks stepped into the locker room and grinned at me. I looked so out of place in here, with an all black outfit and eyeliner. Those guys all looked like they had come off a movie set, all perfect and ugly. At least Jaxith had pretty flaws, like those scars and calluses on his hands from his guitar playing and gardening. As I let my eyes fall back on the leader of that pack of hyenas, I realized something about today. I hated Fridays. I mean, really hated them. He had to open his accursed mouth already.

"What's wrong, f*g? You've fixed your makeup for me, huh? You sure look pretty today," he rambled with that stupid grin, "even got the nails all pretty and done. Look, boys! Gee, I wish they weren't black. But I guess that'll match the rest of you under that shirt." I didn't react to him, just staring back at him like he was a teacher who expected you to stay completely silent. F*****g hell, I hate his voice.

That's Nolen, the star quarterback on the football team here. Every Friday he comes in here with his gang and they try to push me around. Today, I'm not in the mood for them or their idea of a stress reliever. They bully some poor smart kids into hacking the security system so they can get away with this every Friday. The guy was still going on about me and I finally quipped up over him.

"Why don't you shut up for once? Just for, like, a minute?" I didn't mean to snap at him, but I'm having a bad day and I don't need to be reminded of my flaws and the way I dress. The boys smiled at each other before filing out, and I took note of that. That's a bad sign. My eyes went back to Nolen, and he only chuckled at me. And guess what? Apparently he couldn't keep quiet for that whole f*****g minute.

"Well look at you, Kay-rat." I instantly froze up and glared at him, dropping my bag to the floor in the heat of the moment. "All balls today or did you find them for once?" Oh gods, he's gonna piss me off. I know that's what he wants, because that's how he can get me off guard. I should have kept quiet, but I couldn't about this. Nobody called me by my real name, ever; not after all the beatings I'd taken all my life by those f*****g religious priests who believed I could be saved by showing me God's wrath.

"How dare you call me that." I hissed out, "and it's not 'Kayrat.' It's "Khayrat." Kay-rit!" My tongue rolled as I spoke my name, but I wasn't happy about having to say it. It held too many memories, too many thoughts and emotions. I stepped up to him, a growl in my voice as I crossed my arms once again, my hair falling into my eyes. This b*****d had better back off, I told myself, because I might not look like much, but I sure could run when I needed to. And if I ran, he had nobody to f**k up.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he said in a sing-song voice before his hand snatched out and grabbed at my wrist, "but I didn't say you could talk, rat." I groaned softly in pain, feeling my back hit the sink again. I hadn't expected him to get me that far back so fast, but he was on the team for some reason other than wanting to suffer brain damage.

"Oh, shut the hell up, will yo-" I was cut off as he pressed closer all of a sudden and kissed me hard, making my arms shake. This wasn't what happened on Fridays. This never happened on a Friday. He was rough in his kiss, and Nolen quickly shattered the it to pin my arms down to the sink with his hands. He grinned at me before his teeth went to my lip. His teeth touched my lip ring, and when he grabbed and pulled on it, I almost yelled out in surprise. I knew Nolen was an a*****e, but this took it to another level I didn't want to know about. What could I do at this point, except struggle? That was all I could do, honestly, and he knew it. He knew that I'd be unable to do much else, and that thought ended when he suddenly tugged at my lip ring again, and this time he ripped it out. I threw my head back and I let a low groan escape my lips, the pain burning my lip like a wildfire; yet, he just laughed.

Yes, I hate Fridays.

__-Jaxith's POV-__

I couldn't find my favorite guitar pick in my locker, and I've been in here for fifteen minutes, trying to see if I'd dropped in my last class. I hoped not, but I wanted to find it and soon. It's safe to say I'm giving up on finding it. I leaned against the whiteboard, heaved a sigh, and put my hands into my pocket. Yeah, so today isn't my day at all. First I was brushed off by the guy I've been dreaming about for months, and now I lost my favorite pick?

"F**k." I closed my eyes and sighed again, shaking my head before I walked out the open door, leaving the dark and plain-looking science classroom behind. I noticed some of the school's jocks at the end of the hall, but I noticed that their little ringleader wasn't in his usual place. Frowning, I felt the letter in my jeans pocket again. Maybe Virgil had seen if I'd dropped my pick? I nodded to myself. That jock Nolen was probably getting a talking to by the coach for his bad grades again.

I came toward the boys locker room and fixed my white jacket, and the door was shut. That's the usual in this large school. I opened the door slowly, peeking in to see the usual orange lockers and red floor. Something was wrong in the corner, however. It took me a minute to grasp who it was. There was blood on the floor and in the air, and it smelled of sweat in here. Virgil was being held against a porcelain sink, but there were streaks going down the sides in slow, ruby droplets. My guess was either the guy holding him had cut his wrists or he'd made those scabs reopen. The larger guy suddenly let go of Virgil, letting the raven fall to the floor in a shaking mess after Virge had hit his head on the sink with a groan. He didn't look right, his eyes weren't focused; the jock turned and looked around at me with a laugh in his blue eyes and a red mark on his cheek. His blonde hair was messy and he was playing with something in his hand.

"Look at that, rat. Your boyfriend's gonna save the day." Virgil said nothing, watching me for a moment before he closed his eyes and pulled his black sweater down over his wrists more, as if he could hide the fact he was bleeding as he was. "Well, have fun with him. He'll do anything you ask when he's high," Nolen said as he walked up to me. I looked between them both. He didn't...!

"You a*****e," I spat out at him, but he just watched me. Then, like a train, he rammed me into the door so hard it slammed right back shut. His hand was around my throat, and I couldn't breathe, the squeezing making me wriggle in his grasp. Virgil was still zoned out, half under the sink as he breathed slowly, like he was asleep. My chocolate eyes went to Nolen, and he increased his grip like a vice; Kicking out at him, I tried to bring him down by hitting him where it counts. Nolen got more angry at this (I could tell because he tightened his grip),his nostrils flaring before he threw me off to the side and stormed out of the room. He could hear the coach unlocking his door at the back of the locker room, and so could I. I must have rolled completely four times before I hit the bottom of the lockers, but that wasn't my main problem. I coughed as quietly as I could, trying to breathe through it as I shut my eyes. I could have sworn he was going to rip my head off!

"Be quiet," the cracked voice of Virgil said quietly to me, and I gasped for breath as I looked over at him, getting onto my hands and knees. "Just be quiet and he'll leave. We can talk more then." He was watching me intently, even if his eyes were dark from something I hadn't seen before. I crawled over to him, collapsing half onto his lap and getting my white jacket stained in his blood that was still dripping onto the floor. I stayed quiet as he'd said, and it must have felt like an hour before the coach turned out the lights, locked his door again, and left.

"Virgil?" I asked quietly as I looked up at him. I couldn't see him too well, but at least we were alone and I had gotten control of my breathing. I was worried he'd passed out on me. "Are you still bleeding?"

"Fine," was the slightly cracked response, and the only one I got for nearly two minutes, almost scaring me into thinking he was passing out. His next words hit me hard emotionally, "just wish I wasn't high when he hurt you. Nobody hurts my friends." I couldn't see his expression or anything, but I could hear the tone in his voice that almost spoke of a lethal promise. It sounded dangerous coming from Virgil, who never really spoke of me as a friend. Sure, he was protective and he'd gotten me out of a fistfight once, but I didn't think he'd really do anything reckless.

"Don't worry about him; he's just an a*****e anyway. Are you sure... you're okay?" I asked quietly, my eyes trying to see where he was.

"Well, yeah. But it's bothering me you're on my lap. If you're not gonna make it better, please move." I blinked in confusion before I sat up, trying to keep close to him so I could tell where he was. Then I caught his words. I blushed darkly and hit his arm lightly, rolling my eyes. Now I think I could believe those rumors about him being a sex fiend, at least to some degree. I could hear the laugh in his voice as he spoke again, could already see that grin and shake of his raven head, "Fridays f*****g suck."

© 2013 LyLy

Author's Note

Jaxith Yahir and Virgil Devhal are my characters. Jaxith's playby is usually Vic Fuentes, and Virgil's is Andy Biersack.

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I love it! I really like how you did both perspectives. It adds more feelings to the characters. I really love your style of writing. :p

Posted 8 Years Ago

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you should write a part two

Posted 8 Years Ago

loved it

Posted 8 Years Ago

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