Day 13 - Ice Cream

Day 13 - Ice Cream

A Story by LyLy

Who hates ice cream? Really?

Okay, so today was something she honestly was dreading like a new wave of the plague. Worrying her lip between her teeth some, she stepped out of the shower and moved to towel dry her hair. "I oughta dye it again... damn brown." Lee sighed at her reflection, then shook her head before getting dressed, pulling on her favorite graphic tee and making sure to slip on her collar. The metal was a thick scent that always reminded the woman of her heritage, even if she had wanted to forget a good portion of it when she'd come to the beautiful Grove. Cowering in the corner and soaked from her washing, the black, tan, and brown chihuahua shook like a leaf. Letting out an airy laugh, the female knelt down and wrapped her best friend up in a towel that dwarfed the small dog. "Sorry, Jaz," Lee chuckled out, leaning against the shower to scrub the small dog dry. As much as the woman dressed to be tougher than she looked, it was animals that melted her, especially this little creature she would have called stupid and yappy. Sometimes, the best of friends came from a mutual agreement to help the other and not how much protection the dog gave. Lee had needed a friend, and the dog had needed a patient person who knew the dangers of an animal that could turn and bite someone. Overall, they'd both gotten the best scenario out of it.

The said chihuahua jumped from Lee's arms, running out of the now open bathroom door and going to jump onto the bed nearby, sneezing her dislike. Lee only could shake her head with a laugh, going to put on her shoes and get ready to go pick up Marie. Hopefully things would go alright, and it would be nice to get this off her chest. Sure, Lee was a not-so-secret pervert, but she didn't want to come off as an a*****e to anyone. If someone treated her well, she'd do the same to them, even if she didn't trust men for the life of her. Waving the chihuahua goodbye, the dog ignored Lee as she kept rubbing her neck all over the Lion King themed blankets. Ah, Lee thought, that's the usual Jazzie.

Well, after picking up Marie, Lee had felt some relief at being around the younger girl. Hazel orbs were gentle as she and the Cali girl made small talk, a joke thrown in here and there, and the air was always calming when they were together. For once, it wasn't really raining, and that itself meant something was up in more ways than one. Ice cream wasn't Lee's favorite, but it was something she knew Marie would love to go out for. It was simple, but this would be either heartbreaking or a new start for the Ohio-born gamer, and she wanted something more than just another date night. She wanted to let the younger girl know what was spinning in her mind, behind those slightly golden orbs. Giving Marie's hand a light squeeze, she offered a sweet smile to Marie. "Well, what would you like, sweethear'?" Lee asked, trying to hide any nervousness in her voice. She silently cursed at herself for the accent that slipped out so easily, that bloody British English.

She watched as Marie picked her choice, almost laughing a bit. Giving a shake of her head, Lee ordered the ice cream and paid. Motioning Marie to follow her to the corner, Lee settled with her back to the window. She hated anyone being about to walk behind her; tight crowds gave her the chills. Sure, small talk was thrown out there, but Lee's mind was centered on something else entirely, and it was probably obvious form the lack of more detailed answers. Normally, Lee'd give a reason why she thought something odd or interesting, but today she wasn't so detailed. Going quiet for a moment, she swallowed and closed her eyes. Yeah, courage was not her thing. Okay, she'd not think twice about going to wrangle a loose dog, be it wild or not and/or dangerous, Lee was just like that. People? Love? Ehh... yeah. Not the gamer's strong point.

"So... anyway..." Lee tried to start, her eyes down at her now clasped hands. She usually didn't finish meals if she was out and about, even if it was a treat, and this one would probably just end up melted. Yep, but then the silence became loud... too loud for Marie. Lee was quiet around most people, but not Marie. This had Marie curious yet worried.

"Yes? What's on your mind?" Lee's eyes went to that bloody tongue that licked up some melting ice cream between Marie's fingers, swallowing thickly. F**k, she knew what Marie could do, and it was hard as hell to hold back that shiver. Shaking her head, she tried to tell her mind to shut up before she backed out of this.

"I...well, Ri... I-I kinda..." Lee stumbled over her words slightly, "I gotta talk to ya about something, a-and..." Well f**k. It wasn't coming out right, and Lee felt herself blushing a bit as heat flooded her body. She was getting angry at her confidence for chickening out like a cat from a pool after getting its foot wet for the first time.

"What is it?" Lee could tell by the tone of Marie's voice that her girlfriend was worried, but that didn't ease the fact she didn't know how to say it. Yep, the damn cat fled the pool, and left Lee completely dry-mouthed and shy. Marie was leaning on the table now, and Lee hoped she'd get the gall back to speak.

"Ri..." Lee swallowed again, looking at the California girl, "Iloveyou." It was said so quickly, the accent was there, and Lee mentally kicked herself. D****t, it always came out when she was trying to keep her calm. Lee, blushing and trying not to shake too much, looked at Marie with a set of fearful yet hopeful eyes.

Blinking at her, Marie was a bit surprised and completely confused. Lee had a fast talk when she was nervous. "I... what did you say?"

"I-I..." Lee swallowed once more, taking a deep breath to steady herself. That blush was not helping her, at all. "I said... I love you, Ri." The silence that followed made her eyes leave Marie and a sinking feeling hit in her stomach. Great move, dumbass, Lee thought, now look what ya did.

Lee looked back at Marie, then shook her head and fingered the dripping cone in her hands, feeling the side of the waffle cone for any distraction it could hold. "I'm sorry, I-I really shouldn't have... It was just-" Lee started, falling over her words as she apologized. The feel of Marie's fingers on her lips made Lee look up, the gaze in Marie's eyes making Lee melt yet freeze at the same time.

"I love you too," Marie replied, and Lee looked away for just a second as a smile fell upon her lips. "You... you do, Ri? You serious?" she asked softly, almost too quiet to hear. Marie was her world, and the thought that Marie would reject her shouldn't have even went across her mind. But that was the way love worked. It tricked oneself into thinking other things... and then making you fall in love all over again when the person gave their answer. Marie's answer relieved Lee completely, but it wasn't the words at settled the worries in her mind. The stroke of Marie's thumb over her cheek made Lee nearly melt faster than the ice cream they'd forgotten of.

"Of course I do! I have for a while now; I just could never find the right time to say it," was Marie's answer, and Lee only smiled a bit more, pulling Marie over the table more as Lee stood and quickly, Lee pressed her lips to Marie's. It was tender, soft, and nothing else mattered. If someone wanted to c**k an opinion, Lee wouldn't give them a second glance. Nope, they could go f**k themselves. Marie was everything to Lee, and nothing could change that. Not even the sticky ice cream taking its revenge out on their fingers for forgetting it.

After all, who hates ice cream? And if was just their hands or the moment of passionate truth, something melted the treats between them rather quickly.

© 2013 LyLy

Author's Note

T for some language, bordering M.

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Added on May 6, 2013
Last Updated on May 6, 2013
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