A Story by Lyndsay Castro

A mini-memoir of sorts, inspired by a contest



A contest inspired me to pen 50 things I’ve done in my life. I’m young yet, so bear with me.
I’ve read a 500 page book in two days, even reading through those pesky little meals. I’ve jumped out of a second story window - that was a dare. I became blood-brothers with my sister and I’ve done my best to stay true to it. I’ve seen a human come into this world. I’ve played tag in the rain for hours. I always remember that day, because I fell more times than I counted.
I’ve said things to intentionally hurt someone. I’ve danced nonstop for hours. I’ve done a week’s worth of housework by eight a.m. I’ve written myself to sleep. I lost my voice from screaming at an amazing Rilo Kiley concert. I’ve been so lonely that I was the only person in the world. I’ve rejected someone who opened their soul to me and asked me for love.
I’ve frolicked in the grass with my best friend. I’ve gotten extremely drunk at a very illegal age, more times than my mother would like to hear. I’ve given the last drop of my strength for something I cared about. One time my friends and I had a Hershey’s chocolate fight. That was great, and delicious. I got to touch the oldest tree in the country of Mexico. I’ve attempted suicide, succeeded, then cried when I realized they saved me. I’ve openly sobbed in divine joy. I’ve thrown up from anxiety.
As sad as it is, I’ve said “No, I love you more” over the phone. I’ve kissed someone I hardly knew. I went by a different name for months. I’ve gotten to design, produce, and sell jewelry and accessories for a living. I was a published author at age four - what happened?  I had stomach parasites.  I’ve worn my grandmother’s pearls.
I watched The Fountain five times in a row. I’ve stayed up all night feeling sorry for myself. I saw the sunrise while I wrote this. I’ve watched a ceiling fan for hours with writer’s block. In the end I wrote about a ceiling fan.  I read the dictionary from cover to cover. I was six and it was a children’s dictionary, but still. I’ve grown bamboo. I’ve gone a month eating nothing but rice and beans - not by choice. I’ve gone skinny dipping.  I’ve been able to live in the Caribbean. I’ve taken a bubble bath with my cat, as bizarre as that is.
I’ve been tickled until I peed. As an adult I hung upside down from monkey bars until I was dizzy.  I cried at a movie that the entire theater thought was funny. I flip my belly button inside out to entertain children. Don’t ask how. When I was a child I was picked up and moved by a strong wind. In the desert winter I used to sleep with four pairs of pajamas on. I’ve dislocated a toe, and a finger, and a shoulder.
In 22 years I’ve lived in 25 houses that I can remember. I’ve written great rock songs, played them, and then burned the lyrics and music.
Well, maybe I have done a few things in my life.




copywrite 2008 Lyndsay Castro

© 2008 Lyndsay Castro

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funny and inspiring... this is such a lovely compact piece, showing how the goodness of life can be found in those perfect little moments... your voice really comes through here, very honest and true :) there were so many stand-out lines running through this, but i especially like "i’ve watched a ceiling fan for hours with writer’s block" (been there, done that, my friend...) great job really, i enjoyed this. :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

This is great...really! I wouldn't know where to is "Shipwreck"
muy excelente!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Posted 15 Years Ago

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U are soooo talented & I wish I could write a story like this!
I wanted to pick a favorite line but I like all of it so much that's impossible!!
Good luck on the contest you totaly deserve to win!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Lyndsay Castro

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A Story by Lyndsay Castro

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