About the Cancellation of Noise

About the Cancellation of Noise

A Poem by JustPlainHere

There is a humming
like a house
continuing where it left off
as I pull the buds from my ears - 
the fridge and furnace
as a murmur of sound
below a surface of water
I've yet to breach.
The sound of a world
as only another world can hear.

The hum for a moment
is as stealth as the ring in an electric sign
on a storefront
only heard at night
like the sound
before a street bulb blows
that was never meant to be remembered,

but is now home
outside the earbuds and symphony in my hands
whose only surviving tone
is the treble
streaming from each speaker
like an old FM radio
as if it was never meant
to be so fully heard,
but with the pot 
and the step,
in lockstep with us.

© 2023 JustPlainHere

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Like a secret coded message.

Through the scurry of
more more more.
Drowning out the beauty lost in
the murky silt below.
The cling clang wam bam thank
you ...next.
So little is tasted ,felt or embraced.

Under the covers with a flashlight
and this uninhibited imagination
gearing up for flying dreams...

Clearly hearing the voice coming
from your tower. 

Posted 1 Year Ago

An interesting write and sort of a scary one. Our friends (my wife's cousin's family actually) woke up one night to a storm and lightning hit their house and the impact threw their TV on the bed which woke them up. Then, there was an awful hum radiating through the walls and they ran out of the house just in time as the whole house exploded! The responding fire dept. and EMS said, well, it's a good thing nobody was home. They were. But thank God they got out in time. We heard a sonic boom here one night I thought and all the power went out. I was running through the house waking everybody and handing out flashlights. Turns out it was an electrical transformer that exploded. But in this day and age, you never what it might be. It always pays to pay attention to your surroundings. Stay safe.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on February 6, 2023
Last Updated on February 27, 2023
Tags: Poem, Poetry, Free verse, Freeform, Lyric, Confessional, Prose




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