A Story by Lynx

Leah looked out over the Robinsons’ living room, bucket of soapy water in hand, ready to start her day. Now on any other day, the stony gargoyle at the corner of the stairs would glare at her, the chandelier would seem to be hanging on a single thin thread, and the collection of medieval weaponry at the other end of the room would call to her, awaiting employment. However, today was different. Today all seemed harmless, docile. Almost friendly even.

Figuring she should better get to work, she put down her bucket of soap, and began scrubbing the floors. Her fingers were scuffed and marked with red blisters from the hours she spent with a wet sponge, whatever it was she had to do to earn her living, but she’s gotten used to the pain. It didn’t take very long, considering she had to push ahead anyway no matter what kind of injuries she suffered. Blistery fingers were the least of her problems.

Just two days ago, she’d broken all five of her toes on her right foot, courtesy of Mrs. Robinson. Apparently that’s what she faced for sleeping on the job. It really wasn’t fair, considering she was only allowed 6 hours sleep per night in the first place. She must intentionally be trying to give me brain damage, Leah thought, that way I’ll be too dumb to even notice what’s happening when she finally steals my last breath.

Her toes feel like they’re on fire, the pain was so intense she barely got 2 hours of sleep the night before. Add to that the confession she received last night, it was impossible to drift away. It was all worth it however. At least now she felt like she had a purpose, belonged, something to look forward to. A promise awaiting fulfillment, a hope for salvation.

 “You mean a lot to me, Leah. Me and Clarice, we’ve never really been in love. I know she just married me for my money. But you, you’re something else entirely.”

“Do you really think so, Mr. Robinson?”

“Call me Richard, and of course. I’ve watched you you know, all these months. You don’t have a bad bone in you. If you told me you loved me, I’d know you were sincere.”

Richard looked into her eyes then, a look filled with so much love. He understood her. He didn’t even care that she was so plain or unlovable. He accepted her, wanted her.

He began to kiss her then. Gently at first, and then deeper, more passionately. He wanted her, she could feel it in his every breath. He began to trail his kisses, down to her neck, and then even lower.

She pulled away with a start.

A flash of rage crossed Richard’s face, but subsided in under a millisecond, replaced with a look of understanding. Guilt overcame Leah. He has been nothing but good to her the past few months.

 “It’s okay. I’m sorry. I want this.”

“No you don’t Leah. I’m sorry, I know I’m taking things too quickly, I just love you so much. Look I get it, you need time to think this through. A little bird told me, you were turning 16 next week? So why don’t I, send the missus to the day spa, and you and I can have our very own little sweet 16 party. Now what do you say to that?”

A sweet little smile braced Leah’s lips as she left the room. She was the heroine of her very own fairytale.

The heavy footfalls of a giant snapped her out of her memories. It was the wicked witch to her own Snow White. Of course she could never really be as pretty as Snow White but Richard made her feel just as special.

“Oh my God! Leah! What in heaven’s name did you do! Do I detect a stain on my beautiful marble floors? Do I really have to do everything on my own?”

The man of her dreams stepped into the room with an annoyed look on his face.

“What now Esmerelda, your screeching is starting to seriously hurt my eardrums. What has the maid done now?”

“Well just look! This stain just won’t come off. What did you do girl, tell me!”

“Come now Honey. I’m sure she did not mean to do that. After all if she was smart she wouldn’t be a maid now would she? Please just leave us Leah.”

Leah stood up without saying a word, and began her walk of shame. It should have been obvious from the start. All he saw in her was a naïve, stupid little girl, and nothing more. She was easy to manipulate, given her thirst for any signs of affection wherever she could find it.

Her vision began to blur. Sitting herself down on the floor of her tiny room, she began to cry. She realized that she was truly alone in the world. And until the day before it had been alright, because she did not know anything else. But then she got a taste of what it meant to belong, to feel safe, and to have it ripped away from her now was just too cruel. What have I done to deserve this?

She felt a hand on her shoulder, warm and gentle.

“Leah, I’m sorry. Now you don’t have to look at me but you know I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry Leah, please, don’t cry. You know it hurts to see you so sad.”

She felt his warm arms wrap around her from behind, engulfing her sorrow. And so in the cover of Leah’s dark hair, Richard grinned, unfortunately one not borne of compassion. It was all pure, sadistic satisfaction.

© 2010 Lynx

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I didn't expect this to be as good asit way. You've captured this whole scenario so perfectly--maid, too trusting and innocent; the cruelty; the easy seduction. It's very well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago

g job

Posted 8 Years Ago

i KNEW IT! He seemed evil from the get!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi I'm just gettin back into writing again. more..

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A Story by Lynx