chapter two

chapter two

A Chapter by Lyric

If you think you know who the villain is, smack yourself and think again. I could bathe in your ignorance. Lol.

If you think you know who's the villain here, smack yourself and think again. I could bathe in your ignorance and then wring the rest over your head.
Nothing is ever as it seems, and how? You ask am I so well educated? Because. Well I can't tell you.
This story is not about how I know it, it's about what I know.
And how I'll use it.

"Kinta. Eat."
Says Syntia, her eyes staring at the child with thoughts of murder and abuse running through her brain. The light is soft in here, the same as that day, six years ago.

That day she remembers all too well. The day that will forever haunt the minds of herself and every Salaian who is old enough to remember it.
The girl watches her sisters eyes as they grow smaller, she squints questioningly.
"Kinta?!" She screams, slamming her hand into the surface of the table, making in shake under her strong strike, the girl pushes back in the chair.
She says, finaly answering, eyes openning wide pretending as if she hasn't heard her calling when she's been doing her best to not hear her at all.
"Happy anniversary! "
She says, purring the words as she lifts out of her chair pushing it back to the table with a screech that scolds her ears.
Kinta looks to her sister, following her movements until she stops cold in front of the wooden cabinets, light from the moon bleaching he dark hair through the windows, turning it brown from its true black.
"Ah ha!"
She laughs, sending chills down Kinta's spine, like fingers picking at her, and the sound brings up too many times she'd rather keep hidden a lot longer.
How can she smile so easily? She could never live with this kind of guilt. All the things she's done, fugitives cry at half she's done, but she will be queen?
"Cheer up!"
Says Syntia, with a smile that makes her want to claw her eyes out, and then squish them beneath her feet at its fulness.
The same way it always has. Does she know how much she despises her? The extent of her own wrong doing, or how the whole of Sala would kill themselves before they gave up a chance to dance on her grave?
She holds onto the side of the table, digging her finger nails into the smooth dark wood taking a deep breath as her eyes close.
Trying to demand control of herself, telling herself that it's not worth it, this is not new to her. This is the way she is, or how she has become, and this is what she lives with.
But her sisters hold will always reign supreme.
Why must she do this to her, she has more important things to do as queen than torture her younger sister. She will be queen, so why does she not stop the madness? It is done.
She has won already. Does she not see that?
Kinta opens one eye, turning her face so that she can see what Syntia holds, a ruffling sound cones from where she is as her other eye opens, her sister slams a box on the table.
"This is all you need."
She says, smiling as she pushes the box to across the table with a finger.
"Wha -? "
She starts, but her sister shakes her head gently, touching her finger to her thin lips, half smile still plastered on her pale face.
"We have no need," She stops and yawns into her hand, then runs her thumb through Kinta's hair and snatches off her tiara, placing in on her own head lazily, smirking and fiddling with it.
"Sala has no need for a princess anymore." She says.
Kinta sits up, straight and stiff as her sister circles the table, bending down on her knees in front of her. She leans in, and her eyes have no choice but to meet her sisters.
Syntia's breathe falls onto her small face, still fragrant and hot from dinner.
Kinta sits back, but her sisters small eyes follow her until they're both on the brink of falling to the floor, but Syntia grabs the leg of the table saving then both.
The girl holds her nose, not wanting to breathe in anything if her sisters, and praying for her to move away from her before tears come. And they will come.
They always do.
"I would like for you to listen to me." Says Syntia. "Listen and listen well because these are the last words you will ever hear come out of my royal mouth. You have been forgotten. No one cares."
She chuckles, and Kinta's mouth hangs open a bit, breathing through it she listens as told to.
"Oh, Kintaly kintaly kintaly. I am queen. Things are different. And you are useless to me."
She makes her lip quiver, and then returns to her always moody half smile.
She Kinta shivers at her full name, almost no one calls her Kintaly.
"I have sent someone for you, and they will arrive here shortly, I was rather stupid not to kill you in the first place, don't you think?"
Her jaw drops in understanding, as she looks over into the box, and catches a strange smell rising from it, vile and sour.
"What is that?" She asks, eying it, the smell is like flesh. Rotting flesh, and images flash in the back of her mind, becoming so clear.
"I just thought you'd like our parents." Says Syntia, grinning. "I know how much you've missed them."
Her heart starts to beat faster as her sisters hand disappears into the box and pulls out a squishy looking object bathed in salt and she gags.
"I was able to preserve them for this long. "
"That's not?" She asks, terrified. "You are the devil Synt."
"No." She purs, placing the heart on front of her teary eyed sister. "But I will be, when you are added to the box."
She rises up, keeping eye contact with Kinta, and Kinta keeps it with her.
"I won't look away until you look away." Says Kinta, and her sister rolls her eyes, "Kaydy! " She yells, "is the girl here yet!?"
Her head held down, forgetting about not looking away her heart stabbing her from the inside out with each breath she takes. This is how she will end?
Her sister looks back to her and whisper in her ear, whisps of breath tickling her,
"stop trying to be a dog, we all know your a kitten."
Moving back carefully Syntia walks from the room and locks the door behind her.

© 2015 Lyric

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If you go to 'Courses' and search for 'Grammar', there are some posts and topics you would find helpful.!/6307/When-a-character-is-speaking%2C-listen-up!/6308/ --is one such post.

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The presentation is awkward and not reader friendly. Try adjusting your paragraph formatting to allow more space between paragraphs. Take a look at _A Fable_, where I offer examples of correct dialogue tag sentences. Most dialogue tagged sentences here are incorrect.
Also try running this through a spell check program before posting. The whole text would benefit from a careful and attentive re-write.

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Um, OK, thanks for the review

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