The blood caper

The blood caper

A Story by Lyric

I guess you could say this is a novella to a novel I'm working on that's not on here

He laughed in her face. And then had the nerve to do it again.
Kennedy holds her hands on her hips, staring out off the Window that over looks the open fields. Her eyes are hot and dry as she scans over the wildflowers, searching for the willow on the far end.
"You did what, to Velveteen?" She asks, taking a breathe of the fresh air escaping through the cracked Window.
She snaps her head back to the boy in front of her, licking over her lips and rolling her eyes at the same time.
Placing her forehead in her hand she seems lost for words as she walks up to him, a blank look writen across her face that doesn't spell murder, but something close.
"That horse," She said, "is worth more to her than me."
"I know!" Sammy answers. "I doesn't mean to Kenny."
A small smile escapes her lips, didn't he know he was going to die?
Kennedy places her hand on his broad shoulders and shakes them, Sammy not moving from his stiff, straight posture that gives away how scared he is while his words do not.
"You will feel her wrath. " She holds his face in her grasp as she says this, his thin facial hair scrapping against her small fingers.
"Your melodramatic. "
He pulls away from her, pushing her hands off of him, grinning.
"I am not, I'm a realist. " She sticks out her tongue, jogging over to the door.
Zazi must not know yet, she thinks, because if she did her friend would be running from her, knife in hand.
"Let's go." She tells him, and then a comment pops into her head that makes her smile.
"You know I love you, but if she got a gun, sorry buddy."
She smiles to herself, and rubs her hands together, making them warm and sweaty combined with the already scorching climate.
Sammy grabs his cap off the table as they enter into the open kitchen, and then out of the big house. The sun is high and angelic, warming her,
"So, how did you do this again? You were taking her inside and she cut her leg? Just like that?"
Kennedy shakes her head slightly, arms folded on her chest as they enter the barn. That's just not logical. On a door? She breathes out, deciding that the cut can't possibly be as deep as he thinks it is.
She turns her head to him, watching the boy stare at the large animals as if they are ghosts out to devour him.
He still hasn't gotten used to horses, this is only making it worse.
A pony neighs on the side if them as Kennedy unlatches the door to Velveteen stall and walks in in front of Sammy.
She bends down near her back hooves, and her ears perk up as footsteps past.
"Okay." She says to the horse, afraid to look down at what's happened to her, what if it is as bad as he thinks it is?
She gills her chest with air, her knee pushing against her heart as she squats and bites her lip as she looks down.
She closes her eyes again as red, thick blood fills her sight, past images flowing through her brain now.
Breathing roughly, hand over heart she exits the stall, shutting it with her back and the palms of her hands.
"why didn't you tell me it was so bad?" She asks, sliding down against the stall door until she feels hard ground underneath her.
She blinks, trying to get that dreaded image out of her mind but they won't go, they've been awakened now.
She rubs her hand up and down her face, making it red as a few tears fall from her eyes to the floor.
She catches Sammy hand as it hovers over her, sobbing into her own. And I look of realization comes over him, sliding to the floor as she did he wraps his too big arms around her, not seeming to care or notice the horse above him anymore.
He wipes tears from her eyes and she does also, slightly ashamed that she let herself cry in front if him.
"I'm sorry. "
She says as she hears voices coming from the outside in, she moves her face to the side, breaking from her friends grasp and hoping that her face isn't too red as they approach.
"Sammy! Did we get her?!" Asks a small voice that Kennedy recognizes as Lukum, her younger cousin.
Sammy whispers with the people, and as Kennedy jumps up from the floor, dusting herself off she sees the three people who he's speaking with and her heart slips a few beats.
"Zanazi. " She said, having eye contact with her cousin as she blindly grasps the Velveteen's stall door. The horse whinnies and kicks the wood where her leg lays, jarring it a small amount.
"Sorry, Kenny." Say Lukum as he lays his head down, he runs up to her and wraps his small arms around her body and she returns it, still switching glances from Zanazi to Velveteen and back to Zanazi.
Stepping back, the little boy holds up a glass jar that shines fluorescent and glowingly from the escaping sunshine coming from the door.
Kennedy realizes, nodding her head as she takes the jar from him and holds it up to her nose, now staring at Sammy.
"Corn syrup. " She hisses, they really didn't realize how she would react? Not even Sammy or Zazi?
"It was her idea. " He says, pointing in and out at Zanazi in an almost comedic way.
Kennedy rubs her fingertips in circle around her curly head which has become hot from the sun and sighs dramatically.
"You got me." She says to the four, and she nods when Quintin, who has been so quiet nods and walks out, followed by his brother.
Zanazi, pops her mouth open as if to say something, but then shakes her head like it was a bad idea anyway. Which Kennedy couldn't disagree more with, she should say something.
Zanazi turns and exits the barn, the doors banging shut behind her.
Now just her and Sammy she goes up to him and jerks the jar of dyed corn syrup up as if to pour it over his head. And she wants to do it, she can see the way it would cover his face... and sting his eyes.
"You said it stopped bleeding. "
She shakes that thought out of her mind and sets the fake blood on the ground, ignoring the horses screaming around them when he doesn't flinch at her movements.
She hits him lightly in the shoulder instead.
"Do it, if you want. " Says Sammy, she can tell he's not blushing, he would stand right here and let her pour that gunk over his head and not go so far as to complain about the comfortability.
And unfortunately, that means he doesn't deserve it.
"I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were still so-"
He stops at so, and wraps one arm around her.
"it's fine, Samuel. " She says, and he looks at her for a second and then turns away.
"Lier, you only call me Samuel when your mad about something. "
That's true, she knows, but instead of answering she wraps her arm around him, not wanting this to drag on any longer.
"it's ts okay." She says.

© 2015 Lyric

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Added on May 3, 2015
Last Updated on May 3, 2015
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