good night...Moon!

good night...Moon!

A Poem by Lyrical Love

When our spirits connect... it doesn't matter where you are, I can feel you.

Many facets of your love I see

when gazing into the eyes of your Soul

Like the changes in the Moon at night... You forever, light my way.

The newness you bring to awaken my Being

Into whom I was created to be.

Giving my breast the fullness of a new Moon


encouraging Me again to take flight.

When I look at you from here         

with my heart                                   

you cause a gust of wind to increase the ascent of my journey


my view for the light of the Moon.

When thoughts of you enter into view

Clouds creep in

Wanting to steal my smiles of you

I open my window to inhale your sweet breath

Letting me know that you are with me

…feeling that you are near

I lose all loneliness and fear

I pray, and exhale

Curling up like a kitten

Feeling. and Being...

I gaze up out into the darkness of my opened window

with each soft chill that caresses

my face…

I say to you

~Good night, moon.


© 2008 Lyrical Love

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This is rich with passion and it drips imagery, each line was so tangible my mind was literally able to walk within the muse. It shows just how truly brilliant you are simply because while reading I was able to imagine temperature, time, fragrances, sounds, lighting and even the atmosphere of this beautiful moment you described.
I like the progressions and structure, your dedication is evident in all of your work because It always feels so polished, calm and assured. I love the manner by which you write of different subjects, in that I never sense hesitation and its that type of confidence and transparency that has elevated the greatest of writers.
Its your virtue and the pure unabashed emotions and verbal sketches you manufacture that have made you unforgettable. These are just a few of the countless reasons I'm a fan, I feel privileged whenever my mind ingests another side of yours... Thank you! :)

Beautiful write!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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This is a beautiful piece filled with passionate imagery. Its a wonderful thing to find someone who makes you feel so whole that even when they're away just the thought of them completes you. Excellent!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Hi Lyrical Love, I've been dormant on writerscafe for a little while but when I'm able I like to read and review poems. Of course, I look for your latest works and read them with great curiosity.

What I like about this piece:
- I like how you use the moon to convey the greatest love of all. There is no doubt there is an intimacy that goes beyond your poetry that is felt by the reader.
- I like the way you use the line "Giving my breast the fullness of a new Moon" Sensual wording.

What I don't like: (sorry I have to do this :P )
- The formatting seems scattered. I think you'd be better served to make this a poem with separate stanzas, each building up momentum to the last line of each stanza which would put the icing on the cake for the reader.
- The font. The punctuations. Maybe just a standard font work as the words are the meat and not the font. The punctuations seem a little inconsistent. Like the ~ and the ...

I'd like to see it in a different format should you ever play with it. Keep it up though. It's a gem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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the cadence of a strong passion. From the title I was expecting a version of the children's book by that same title, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you for sharing. Donni

Posted 12 Years Ago

I appreciate your piece. It is so smooth and I feel your words. Not to mention it was a perfect poem to read tonight for the full moon. I'm looking forward to advance to your level of writing - your visuals just are! Thank you.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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In the Neil Diamond song "Done too soon" each one in the list looks up and wonders at the same moon. Who among us has not done the same? But not many have described the experience of looking at the moon and wondering about another as beautifuly as you have in this marvelous poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I agree with Mr Lewis, this is indeed a beautiful piece of poetry. I have always been an admirer of the moon and you were able to capture the essence of this wonderful creation. I applaud your talent and look forward to reading more of your work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I understand why you chose the name Lyrical love, this is like a melody written in poetic form, its very hard to write like that, to envoke a musical ambience to a poem. Usually poems are written straight up in words but this really has a hint of music playing in the background, like your watching a short film. Its lovely, and the simplicity of saying goodnight to the moon and the care and expertise with which you choose your words to express this is great.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I think Chrisette Michele when I read this. This urban optimism and beauty that you inject into your poetry is incredible. I smile when I read your stuff and it earns it, because you have a great gift of spoken word! Any thing else I'll say, I've said it before. You're dope you know it.....

Posted 12 Years Ago

I'm starting to realize that you write music with your words. Its like i'm reading a literary Sade' song. You are extremely talented in all of your elegance and form. The relationship you have with yourself comes out in the way you appreciate subtle things that add to you. And that in itself paints the picture of a beautiful person. Very nice write. You know how to do what you do and you do it best.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This Horny moon of yours is soft and sensual, erotic and romantic without being raunchy. The very sensitivity of your vivid metaphors is what makes this poetic moon drip of literary honey, literally. Nice work!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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