Escape Zone

Escape Zone

A Chapter by Ms. Starr

random jibber jabber. i bit of a laugh, ya know?

December 15th, 2009

I have my own world.
In my head.
I don’t know if that’s healthy or not.
And I don’t really care.
In my head-world I got to the doctor, who, in my head-world head, I think is a complete ‘pah!’ So that is his name. The doctor in my head-world is Dr. Pah!, but I don’t tell him that in my head-world. Or in the Other-world.
Dr. Pah! tells me I am unhealthy and my head-world self just stares at him, thinking, ‘Thank you for that, Dr. Pah!, but I don’t really care all that much. Especially because that information is not new to me,’ in my head-world head.
Then, in my head-world, everything goes all black and glowey because nothing is there.
My head-world has been evacuated.
Because I realize, still, that nothing that happens in my head-world will ever happen in the Other-world.
But I will return to my head-world.
It is where I can be unashamed and unwatched because it is my head. And there is no one else in my head.
Except for Dr. Pah!
But he is locked away behind head world bars for the crime of telling useless and already known information.
He is a horrible doctor.
That is why his name is Pah!
And he is gone, so my head-world is free and tranquil.
Unlike the Other-world. That place is always busy. That’s why I like libraries, head-world or not.
So quiet. So still.
Until They come.
Then I must flee, flee flee flee, to my head-world. It will be busy there too, but people listen to me. They will listen. Finally.
I wont be invisible or alone.
I have my own world
My own sanctuary. Now ssh.

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Author's Note

Ms. Starr
not sure..... and yes, i realize, lacking full sentences, incorrect indentation, if you're going to care about that then stop reading, it's the way the whole book is, purposefully, as a signature of how it goes. it contributes to how you are reading it. listen to your head-voice. it shows, right?

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yeah dont ask for critiques cause i am not so good at it but i love the whole idea of it this really tells how teeneagers think about and the library i love going to the library !:)

Posted 10 Years Ago

I loved the imagery! And the last two lines; kind of made me laugh silently to myself. I loved the indentation between sentences, that was unique and added an interesting flow to the piece! Awesome job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

totally shows! great job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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