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is it this way for everybody?

February 10th, 2010

Have you ever had that empty feeling in your chest?
Like there’s a gaping hole right where your lungs and heart should be and it’s spreading slowly, overtaking you till your every muscle aches oh so softly?
It’s the feeling of pain you experience when the person you’d die for kisses your face then walks away forever.
The agony of knowing that your best friend actually couldn’t care less about you.
It’s the thing that makes you know the rope around your throat, the gun at your head, belongs.

Your fate left your fingertips long ago.

Everything in your world is

Your heart is broken.


All that’s left of yourself is out of reach so what’s the point in trying?
All you want to do is lie down, just rest and writhe in agony as you clutch your


but it’s too far gone now so all there is to beg to stay are your    dreams

                                      and                       trust

                                      leaking from your eyes in

   glistening drops of

                             red                                 life

          that are impossible to wipe away because only you can

                                      see them.

The feeling that is a reminder of all you have lost and how little there is to gain. Your heart breaking.
But you are already broken, aren’t you?

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Author's Note

Ms. Starr
this looked cooler on paper.

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I bet it did look cool on paper xD
I've been heart-broken before, and some people may not believe me, me being only 14. I loved reading it, and while I did, I could feel so much... raw emotion weaving through the words, like water does with rocks in a stream [My try at some of your famous imagery x]
I really love your style of writing, it's unique.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Ms. Starr
Ms. Starr


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