A Poem by Ms. Starr


There are broken words behind this pen
Words that have been said time and time again
Once apon a time, not long ago
Under the light of moons solemn glow
Sits a princess in a torn and tattered gown
Holding strong as her world comes falling down
Clutching a locket in the palm of her hand
A fabric of memories unraveling strand by strand
Reaching for the sky, hands shaking
Hoping for the light, strength breaking
Her silky hair in ebony tangles
Broken flowers; stems at odd angles
Dew glitters like tears on wilting beauty
Stars flee from the dark, abandoning their duty
Rain falls from the darkened sky
And a raven caws: the destruction's spy
Wandering through the ghostly rubble
Unbelieving of this ghastly trouble
Walking past a once gilded hall
Now she's struggling not to fall
No tears come from her empty eyes
But on this land the sun will not rise
So amidst the broken fragment of a castle
Sits a princess in the remnants of a chapel
Reaching for the sky, hands shaking
Hoping for the light, strength breaking
Her head is hung,
Her face so young
Her life has changed
The dark so strange
She falls to the cold ground
Her screams dont make a sound
Blood drips from roses thorn
Their dead petals so recently born
The joys and smiles gone
His ghostly laughter doesnt belong
But still he beams
His beauty like a dream
A light in the darkest hour
A source of brilliant power
He pulls her to her feet
Promising to make complete
her life, heart, and soul
What's broken, again whole
A lie from his gentle lips
But still her stomach flips
For him: a heinous intention
For her: trust without question
Bright towers high above
Sweet dances and the illusion of love
But from talk to truth
His eyes show such youth
Raise the silver knife
Cry for the coming strife
A princess soaked in red
Mourning for her lover dead
Reaching for the sky, hands shaking
Hoping for the light, strength breaking
Her head is hung,
Her face so young,
But her eyes are cold
Her hate is bold
Once the beauty of the fey
Now the result of such hideous day
A shadow in the brightest hour
A source of dangerous power
Once apun a time, not long ago
Without the light of the moons mocking glow
Sits a princess, her hands bloody and stained
The hope in her life has all been drained
Looking towards the sky, loss spoken
Forgetting the light, strength broken
The end of this simple story
One of such tragic glory
Tears from the darkened skies
But none from my empty eyes

© 2010 Ms. Starr

Author's Note

Ms. Starr
i like to make poems out of little stories... :}

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Wow, I remember this one. It's gorgeous...
Keep writing; you have so much talent that it would be a shame to waste it. A very large shame... the shame would outweigh an elephant. And those are always heavy. No, really; even when they're babies, they're still really large...!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 13, 2010
Last Updated on July 13, 2010
Tags: depression, sadness, love, betrayal, death, destruction, poetry


Ms. Starr
Ms. Starr


I enjoy writing. I don't do it enough. I'm unmotivated, uninspired, and have learned that unless you are deemed important or special enough for modern society, your words will generally go unheard. I'.. more..

oh, god. oh, god.

A Poem by Ms. Starr

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A Poem by Ms. Starr