Written down in pen

Written down in pen

A Poem by LyssaJo

I've been sitting here all night
thinking back in time
when one word you said mean't so much
now i'm longing to feel your touch
you left me to be a crying shame
not knowing i would feel this much pain
i've quit crying now and i've moved on
i can't believe it's been that long
feeling your heart beat would make my heart race
why pick up the pace when your words were a disgrace
you were loving her but sleeping in my bed
telling me you loved me putting lies in my head
don't turn to me when she says no
remember i allready let you go
i know it's not that complicated
just try and let me go too
i'm only telling you this to let you know
you weren't the one for me
you looked at me with lieing eyes
filled my heart with cries
now that i've confessed my true feelings for you
just look at me and tell me the truth
you already know i called your bluff
no need to look at me and lie again
as i sit here writing this down in pen!

© 2010 LyssaJo

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Added on May 31, 2010
Last Updated on May 31, 2010



chubbuck, ID

I'm looking towards the future because I'm done with the past...I'm a one of a kind there's nobody else quite like me...I'm currently single but really like this guy. Ummm I just graduated from Highla.. more..