Your stupid qwest for fame

Your stupid qwest for fame

A Poem by LyssaJo

Ummm I just write what comes to me so don't expect a lot of it to make sense lol.

My name is Alyssa
and i make them girls cry
they all get jealous
cuz they know i'm fly.
I'm straight from the hood
and I ain't gonna lie
because i'm the treat of choice for
every color of a guy.
Whether black whether brown, I can make
a smile of a frown.
You know you know i have the
hottest style around
the girls they come and want to
wear my crown.
Slowly my smile fades and turns to a frown
for some reason they all start puttin
me down.
But its okay they're all gay, i'm so
awsome and i know
when i walk into a room all the faces
start to glow,
And i know, yah you know they know
that their words don't mean a thing,
and it starts to show
emotions run wild it's hard to get control.
Don't hate the game or the playa
cuz the one thats changin is u
my minds made up and it's stuck like glue.
Did you honestly think i'd believe you
all the lies you told me
when your the one that sold me?
Don't act like i'm still yours
cuz all you are is a cheater.
Trust me i've got proof,
I even got to meet her.
You never told me you had a kid or
that you were with her for a year,
i take back all those times i ever
called you dear.
She stopped by my house and told me
face to face, that she was sick of you
and all of your disgrace.
I probably coulda slapped the chick
if she got even more up in my face,
but i guess i'll have to save that for a
different time and place.
Your killin me boy, u treated me like i
was just a toy
if i had known then what i know now
maybe this whole thing wouldn't have happened,
and maybe you wouldn't of had to cover up your sins,
cuz this line is wearin thin
and its about to end.
I'm through with all your crap
this was all just a trap, a game
ur stupid quest for fame!

© 2010 LyssaJo

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Haha I knew that lol thanks :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

very nice. You just gotta tighten up that flow a bit! I can tell you got swagger!

Also, it's "quest." Qwest is the phone company. :)

keep it up! I like your poems!


Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on May 31, 2010
Last Updated on May 31, 2010



chubbuck, ID

I'm looking towards the future because I'm done with the past...I'm a one of a kind there's nobody else quite like me...I'm currently single but really like this guy. Ummm I just graduated from Highla.. more..

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A Poem by LyssaJo