Another sad love song

Another sad love song

A Poem by LyssaJo

The girls in this world are tired of
the games that the boys play,
the choices that they make,
and the stupid things they do.
The way the can cheat on us
but we can't cheat on them.
How every rule they can break
even though it's a promise they told us to make.
I miss the way your innocense tastes
and how you used to hold my hand.
It's funny that you're callin me tonight
begging me for forgivness and wishing i
would take you back,
Cuz my new boy is in the next room
yes sometimes i do wish he was you.
You were the one i gave my heart too
and the one who always stole my kisses
the one who swore to fullfill my deepest wishes
the way you took my hands in yours
and made me feel alive
the way you called me on the phone and cleared
away my strife.
The way you held me when i cried that night one
of our friends decided to take their own life.
I'm so confused though,
something has to make you wrong
my heart is pounding like a drum
i feel like i'm no longer number one.
Your touch makes me so numb
everytime i die inside
when you left me the words you said
stung like a gun
those feelings can never be undone.
I feel like i'm suffocating
I thought you were the one!
My head is pounding and my eyes won't shine
because now i know it's time
to let you go and move on
but i just can't, has it been so long?
Your losing me don't you know why?
The sense the feeling makes me want to cry,
inside i just want to die
turns out you were just some stupid guy.
I guess loving you was the price i had to pay
never thought i'd see that day
never thought i'd have to pray
down on my knees and say
bring my baby back, right back to me
if loving you was right then i don't wanna go wrong
so i drown myself with tears, sittin here
singin another sad love song!

© 2010 LyssaJo

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Added on May 31, 2010
Last Updated on May 31, 2010



chubbuck, ID

I'm looking towards the future because I'm done with the past...I'm a one of a kind there's nobody else quite like me...I'm currently single but really like this guy. Ummm I just graduated from Highla.. more..

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A Poem by LyssaJo