A Chapter by MK and MF

Lilac was waiting for me after school. I had to spend an hour helping the janitors clean the halls. Detention really wasn't too bad, just tedious. 
"Leora, can you move any slower?! Come ON! We'll be late!" Lilac was very impatient.
"I'm coming! I'm coming! Just let me get my bike." I smiled and began to fiddle with the lock.
Suddenly, there was a painfully strong hand at my throat. "Hello, sister dear." Evelyn said sarcastically, and then I was up against the wall of the school held by my sister's strong, cold hand at my throat. 
A cold grin was across her face, "Sister! So good to see you! Or rather NOT to see you! You made a mistake today, can you tell me what is was?" She was playing with me....
I went limp. "I'm sorry Evelyn>"
She smiled again. "That's better, but what are you sorry for? Tell me, dear sister."
I gave a pathetic sigh. "I'm sorry about your nose."
Confusion clouded her face. "What? My nose...?"
I blurted out the next part, trying but not succeeding, to stifle a laugh. 
"I'm sorry about the fact that your nose is so big, you can't see what's RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!"
Lilac busted up, and for the first time, I noticed Justin pinning her to the wall as well. I was brought out of my thoughts by a stinging slap.
I glared at Evelyn, she glared back. Alright, I had had enough of this.
"Let's make a daisy chain."
She looked at me as if I was crazy. Are you sure Leora?"
She shrugged, "Okay."
Evelyn and Justin looked at us, then at each other, confused.
"NOW!" I shouted
You see, 'Daisy Chain' is another one of our code words.
Taking advantage of their momentary confusion, we pulled our knees up to our chests and kicked out, hard. Evelyn fell on the asphalt, and Justin fell on her. By the time they had gotten up, we were all ready gone, on our way to the Fairy Ring.

*       *      *

I growled furiously as I ran into the Burrow, slamming the hatch behind me. "THAT LITTLE TWERP IS GOING TO PAY!" I yelled.
"Now Evelyn," Justin said calmly.
"Don't 'Now Evelyn' me! How dare she call my nose big, and laugh at me! And-!"
"She'll pay in time! But we have to be patient!" Justin interrupted me. He held my shoulders and looked into my eyes, "Patience," he said. My breathing slowed and I nodded.
"You're right, she can have her fun now, but it won't last." a smile returned to my face as I thought about my evil little plot.
I looked around at the Burrow. It was Justin and mine's hide-out. It was beneath ground, in a cavern. Magic had warped the stone into rainbow crystal. Everywhere you looked there was crystal trees, flowers and shrubbery. Most elves couldn't live in a place like this, but I could. Soon, the whole world would be like this; Beautiful, Elegant, But Stone Cold and Dead. I loved it.
I sat on a crystal chair that we had carved out of a rainbow boulder and looked around. I spied a bush nearby that had not been there last time we had been here. I wasn't surprised, magic roamed free in this cavern, things often appeared and disappeared at random moments.
"Justin, go pick me a sprig off that bush, would you love?"
"Yes Evelyn."
He walked over to the new stant (stone plant) and snapped a fragile stem.
"Thank you dear." I said as he handed it to me. I began absentmindedly to twirl it between my fingers, trying to think of a suitable revenge for my sister. Nothing. I could think of nothing.  I quit twirling the sprig, and just stared at it. Suddenly, something in my head clicked.
"Justin, dear, do you know what kind of plant this is?"
He looked at it for a moment, then his face dawned with understanding. "Isn't that a....?"
I interrupted him. "Yes. It is a Lilac."


© 2009 MK and MF

Author's Note

MK and MF
kay, this is a jingle our friend M!CK! came up with when she read Evelyn's stone, cold, dead comment: "Everything's a vampire, in Evelyn's dream world!" :D (MK, if M!CK! was reading this, can't you just imagine her laugh?)

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i like the symbolism with the lilac plant and her name

Posted 10 Years Ago

As said in my chapter one review, I'm hooked and that hasn't changed

Posted 11 Years Ago

Sounds like fun....nice vocab usuage

Posted 11 Years Ago

I enjoyed the second chapter. I liked how you switched the first person perspective from Lilac in the beginning of the chapter to Evelyn in the second part of the chapter. Keep working on your craft, you two have a lot of potential.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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MK and MF
MK and MF

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This is MK and MF, we're best friends and we enjoy writing stories together. Especially fantasy. We like twists of plots and evil characters :) more..


A Chapter by MK and MF