A Chapter by MK and MF

Lilac and I rode like the wind past trees and shrubs. We were on a popular biking trail, easily passing the humans, huffing and puffing up the hill. Once we were out of earshot, Lilac leaned over.
"They're kind of pathetic, aren't they?"
I giggled, "Yeah, kind of."
Elves are extremely physically fit. A lot of the stereotypes like "thin is beautiful" are caused by elves, not on purpose, of course. (Unless you're Evelyn, but I don't know why anyone would want to be like her.)
Lilac spotted the entrance first. "Look! There it is!"
And there is was. Two giant trees, one maple and one oak, stood near the path, their branches entwined overhead to form an arch.
We stopped and hid our bikes in a large, prickly shrub. Then we walked over to the arch and pulled an acorn and a maple spinner from each tree.
I took a deep breath. 
"Ready?" Lilac asked.
"Ready." I replied.
This was the unpleasant part.
The two of us knelt on the ground, placed each item beneath our palms to the ground, a bright light flashed and it felt as if the ground dropped from beneath us.
We fell, or rather, we felt like we fell, but really, we were just floating in a vacuum-like space, and then, light returned and molten images fell into place and solidified, and then, we were in the Fairy Ring. 

"Maple and Oak,
Returned to the Earth,
and so will the elf,
Each to their original home."

Lilac quoted.
And so it was, the Fairy Ring is every elf's original home.
It was a meadow, full of wild flowers and trees. Many other elves were there too, and a certain one came running up to us.
"Oh, this is just perfect..." I whispered sarcastically, then I started blushing madly.
"Oh, you can't be serious..." Lilac whispered as she began blushing as well.
Basil McIntosh is a hottie.
He was tall and lean, like an athlete, with brown hair that caught gold highlights in the sun, and he had amazing brown-amber eyes and a perfect smile. Why he chose to hang out with us was a mystery, especially to Evelyn. Anyway, I'm not complaining.
"Hi Basil." we both said, we sounded sort of stupid, but he didn't seem to notice.
"Hey guys," he said, unaware of the effect he was having on us. "How's life with all the fat humans?" (Sorry to burst your bubble humans, but compared to us, you're ALL fat.)
We laughed at the traditional changeling greeting, and started towards the group of elves.
"Hi Guys!" Rosalyn said as we approached. Rosalyn is another of our changeling friends, but she lives in another school district, so...
"Hey Rosalyn!" Lilac greeted her. They hugged and Rosalyn turned to me.
"Has 'Evil'yn been giving you grief?" She always called Evelyn "Evil'yn, for a good reason.
"YES." Both me and Lilac said at the same time. Everyone laughed.
"Leora?!" someone began shouting in the crowd. "Leora?! Where are you sweety?!"
"Crap," Basil said, "It's Mirranda."
"Crap." I agreed. Mirranda was my mom. My ELF mom.
Suddenly, a streak of blue came through the crowd and barreled me over. 
"Sweety! My little baby! I've missed you sooo much!"
Then why did she abandon me? I rolled my eyes.
"Hello Mother!" I said with false sweetnes. "Would you please get off me?"
She didn't pay attention to me. "Where's Evey? Where's my other Baby?" 
I snorted with laughter. Evey...
"Evey... *snort*... is right over there." I lied. Mirranda was gone in a flash. I stood up and hurried in the opposite direction, trying to find my friends.
Someone grabbed my hand, and when I looked, Rosalyn was towing me through the crowd. I sighed with relief when I caught sight of Lilac and Basil.
"Okay, now that we're all here, let's go." said Basil.
Confused, I asked, "Where?"
Rosalyn smiled. "To our new tree house of course!"

© 2010 MK and MF

Author's Note

MK and MF
does anyone besides me think the phrase " extremely physically fit" sounds weird? and can you think of a better way to put it?

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good stuff!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Nice i like this :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

At the height or peak of physical fitness?, I think the lines fine

As to the chapter me likey, i go look for more now

Posted 11 Years Ago

Well-written, and also, I'm loving the names, they are really creative :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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MK and MF
MK and MF

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A Chapter by MK and MF