A Chapter by MK and MF

Nothing happened. 
Krisja had closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable crash as the two girls collided with the lawn. 

But nothing happened.

Cautiously, she opened her eyes a crack, then she peered out the window. 

She gasped in astonishment, then she rubbed her eyes to make sure she was not imagining it, but when she looked again, she knew that her eyes had not deceived her.

Her friends were still falling, but it seemed as if they were falling in slow motion! the air seemed to be cushioning their fall.

They bounced softly on air like they would on a mattress about an inch from the ground, and then softly set down, but with an "oof!" 

Krisja stared in amazement at them and the two stared at each other after they had sat up. Krisja turned on her heel and ran out of the room and down the stairs, passing Max on the stairs. She ran outside to where the girls sat wide-eyed. "Are you guys okay?!" she asked urgently. 

They nodded slowly, and Laurie said, "What, just, happened?" Krisja was breathing heavily and she stared right back, speechless. 

"See! I told you the parachute would work!" Mel said with an excited smile. "That was awesome!! I'm going to do it again!" Mel stood up and began running back to the house, but not before Laurie pounced on her. 
"Oh no you don't!" Laurie said, wrestling with Mel.

Krisja held back a chuckle, which was interrupted by a, "AGAIN! BONZAI!!!!" from above her. She looked up and saw Max falling down quickly, aimed straight for her.

"LOOK OUT!!" screamed Krisja, covering her head with her hands and closing her eyes. 
Again nothing happened. Krisja looked up cautiously. Max was still falling, and he was still aimed at her, but now he was slowing down, just as Laurie and Mel had!

Krisja stepped out of his way, watching his descent with more curiosity than fear. he landed right in front of her with a small bump, and turned sheepishly towards her.

"I guess I should of looked before I leaped." he said apologetically, tracing a small circle in the grass with his foot. "But it was still fun!" He added. 

" Should have, not should of," Laurie corrected, "Now you two, demystify me." Laurie glared at the two kids, waiting for an explanation, and both of them stared at their shoes, feigning innocence.

"We were just having a little fun!" Mel said under her breath, as if that was all of the explanation needed.
"Well your 'FUN' almost got both me and Krisja killed! What were you thinking?!" 

"Well you were the one who pushed both of us out the window without a parachute!" Mel retorted.

"You mean that both of you fell out the window!? And neither of you had a parachute!?" Max thought about this, then he smiled mischievously. "That means that we don't even need a parachute!" mel looked at him, and they both shared this look that could mean nothing but trouble.

The older girls couldn't do anything but stare. Krisja looked at Laurie and said, "Well... I guess this is going to be an interesting place to stay!" Laurie stared at Krisja before slowly breaking into laughter. Krisja started laughing too, uncontrollably. The duo doubled over, holding stitches in their sides from the hysteric laughter. They fell to the ground and started rolling around. The twins stared at them, looked at each other, and shrugged. 

"Insanity grows with age I guess!" Mel said, which made the two laugh even harder. The twins nodded and, simultaneously, made a mad dash for the door, both fighting to get through the frame before the other.

"I'M GOING TO DO IT FIRST!!" yelled Max excitedly
"NO WAY!! I WANT TO DO IT FIRST!!" whined Mel, shoving her brother roughly back, and dashing in the house and up the stairs.
"NO FAIR!! YOU CHEATER!!" shouted an outraged Max, his voice getting slightly muffled as he ran into the house.

There was a crash in the house. Then the unmistakeable voices of Trina and Sarah shrieking inarticulately. 



Krisja rolled her eyes meaningfully at Laurie, and the two of them began laughing again.

"COWABUNGA!!" shrieked Mel as she jumped out the window a second time. a few feet from the ground, she hit the invisible barrier and floated to the lawn. 
The only difference was that this time, Carol saw her. 

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!!" she hollered across the yard.

Mel froze in horror, then looked up at the window, panic written plainly on her features. 
"MAX!! DON'T---" she tried to warn him, but it was too late. He jumped again.
"WOOOO-HOOO!!" screamed Max as he fell rapidly, and Carol's squeal of terror could be heard across the lawn.  She ran towards the house, and froze when she saw the impossible. Just as Laurie and Krisja had. She saw Max bounce a little as though he was landing on a mattress and laugh as he sat on the ground.

"But- but-!" she stuttered. It was then that Tom, Trina, and Sarah finally came out of the house.

"What in the world is going on here?" Tom cried. Everybody was silent. "Well?" he asked. 

"Max-! He-! How-?" Carol finally sputtered. She started hyperventilating and nearly fainted before Tom could catch her. But he did, and lead her inside, unworried now about the racket. 

The kids were quiet, even Max who had finally caught hold of the situation. Trina and Sarah glared at the others. "What the heck happened here?" Trina asked scathingly. 

"no Idea." said Krisja
"well," said sara, "did you see what made carol spaz out?"

Krisja looked at sara, her mouth hanging open in astonishment. "you can talk!" she exclaimed, amazed.
        "No duh. Really?" Trina answered for her sarcastically. "Did you really think I would hang out with a moron all the time?"
       "Ye--" Kristja was silenced by a sharp jab from laurie's elbow. she quickly changed her answer. "No? No! of course not."
       "Hmp. I'm glad to see that you are at least that smart."

© 2010 MK and MF

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This is a wonderful story to read. And adorable as well.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Where are the two girls in black during this part? you could introduce them into the plot further.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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MK and MF

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A Chapter by MK and MF