"I don't even want Her,"

"I don't even want Her,"

A Poem by dread or dismay.

Heck, He said:





The sticky swell threatening my eyes,

The voice's yelling,

The feet pounding,

The doors slamming,

The tears blazing.


"Death will soon come knock,

Uninvited or not,

So who cares?"

Who cares?

I'll go for a walk,

Pounding cement,

Killing; for letting me walk,

I'll walk,

Maybe run,

Run away.

$7. 15 might take me a long way.


A phone call away;

I'll call,

Tell them to go screw it.

For dragging me into this s**t,

I'll blame it,

Tear it,

Rip it,

Kill it.

Won't forgive it.

Besides, I'm worth crap. . .?


Red hot beat,

Pounding from my skin.

Sit on the swing,

And let the memories seep in.


I'll come back to you,

Just maybe,

But I won't know when.


Because $7. 15 might take you a long way,

Heck, you said:


" I don't even want her,"




© 2008 dread or dismay.

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Added on August 30, 2008
Last Updated on August 30, 2008


dread or dismay.
dread or dismay.

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