Seduction of Marionette

Seduction of Marionette

A Poem by MADAM

A poem about someone falling in love with the morbidity of World War II and it's atrocities. It may be offensive, so don't read if sensitive! Also the poem was inspired by Igorrr's song "Thermostat 7"

Seduction of Marionette

I breathe in, and taste
The pungent smell of the black smoke stacks
I stand, and walk
Past the radio distortion to the lattice window
And look through the kaleidoscope,
Reaping colours of red, grey, and creme
Spiraling into crimson roses
And kissing the edges of my vision
It's maddening beauty intoxicates me
And pulls me into a morbid dance
I feel seduced
By its abysmal and wretched voice

"9' o clock the dead eyes stare
10' o clock the heart stops
11' o clock the limbs aren't there
And at 12, the body swaps"

The cycle repeats eternally
And that's why I'm here
To draw the hate and blame unto me
And cremate worlds dread and fears
And I tilt my cap towards the madness
All heil death!
Al heil the future!
All heil deception and lies
For its ambiguity becomes common place
And controls the marionette that is I.

© 2014 MADAM

Author's Note

Again, drew the icon pic^^) Thoughts? Criticism?

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First something minor "heil" should be "hail".

We can be seduced by all sorts of things, even war....or at least the sheer perfection of something so evil.
I do like the flow and imagery in its captivating darkness

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Well, the Heil is a refrence to Hitler "^^) (the poem is about World War 2)

4 Years Ago

you soon as I "corrected" the spelling and had time to reflect...I got the Hitler thing. .. read more

4 Years Ago

It's fine xD lol

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Added on May 23, 2014
Last Updated on May 23, 2014
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I love to write poems and create elaborate stories, I also draw art on deviant^^) I am currently making one of my stories into a manga:3 I am very passionate about my ideas, but I'm open to opinions a.. more..

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