A Poem by MADAM

A narcissists fantasy, soon realizes he's lonely. Its actually about something else, can you catch it?



Strip the lotus clean

Spit and crush the seeds

Live and breathe the nectar

A black tar prescribed by morticians  

Hallucinating in a Lucid dream

Creating “cold” limbs

and eating them raw

Living a fantasy of breaking spirits

And slaughtering the innocent

A crazy smile emerges permanently

And I am content

The world revolves around me!

Isn’t that what we all want?

I cheer to the expected

I cheer to the spectacle I make of myself

Lonely exhibitionist

Who rapes the earth

And cries for her affection

Who turns himself in to the crows

And prays at the narcissists shrine

 The plague doctor knocks on my door

and bleeds out the vein sickness

My stomach drained of its fleshy soup

Years of pleasure and hot sensibilities

Down the drain

into the bellies of leeches

The Cyclops stares at me from above

the yellow tears simmering like sulfur

Singing songs with a sizzling beat

as the liquid fire spreads once again

Dripping into my heart and searing it shut

Never again will it open!

Not without the magic words

Ironic Self-Philophobia

from the #1 egotistic lotus eater




You can just die for all we care…

Goodbye mother of Self-obsession

Mother of ego and all that is material happiness

Whose symbol comes in small capsules

Will I find myself? If I look in long enough?

Who knows.

And so I eat once more

and set off into the twisted, perverted world

A lonely lonely dreamer…

© 2014 MADAM

Author's Note

Thoughts? criticisms? Interpretations?

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Wow, this is very strong. will have to give it many reads. WEll penned.

Posted 5 Years Ago

I'm not entirely sure what this is about. So many things happening at once... You say it's about a lonely narcissist having a fantasy, but also secretly about something else... but I'm feeling like it's just a fever dream of a schizophrenic person. I'm not even sure HOW to review this. It's well written, so... good job. And I read the whole thing, and I enjoyed the ride, not sure where I was going or how I was going to get there. So if that's part of the point, then... you nailed it!

Posted 5 Years Ago

I read your little description of the poem and what comes across is a poem that has a lot of elements thrown into it but not one clear message communicated. I see your attempt and recognise your efforts yet the overwhelming amount of images doesn't convey one straight forward idea. I did like reading it and I think it's a good idea.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on May 28, 2014
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