Prologue: Damien

Prologue: Damien

A Chapter by Jordyn A. Ruhter

     As Damien walked through the dark and desolate alleys of New York City he paid no attention to the six dark figures following his random steps. It wasn't a question of whether or not he knew they were there, for he did, it was more of a question to how he might keep his composure if threatened. Damien's moppy black hair passed over his blue eyes as he shoved both hands into dark denim pockets. Just ahead leaned a tall figure, more than likely the leader of the gang that trailed him.

     "Hello son," spoke the man, coming into Damien's sight. A shaved head drew the light with the movement of a drawn pistol. Each of the six men behind Damien had finally caught up with the teen and they laughed, drawing their own weapons.

     Damien withdrew his pocketed hands. "I'd rather not have any trouble," he murmered, flipping up the black jacket collar that he was wearing. The grey shirt underneath shifted just enough for a black tattoo to show.

     "Your name is Flame?" questioned the leader, noticing the black ink that scrawled such a word on Damien's collarbone.

     Looking at his tattoo momentarily, Damien choose to adopt the name for a bit. "Yeah, what about it?" he replied, getting ready for any attack that might be directed toward him.

     "Oh it just sounds like a name for a well off man," snapped the leader, giving a quick nod. Before Damien could act, strong wired arms grabbed him from behind and twisted both arms behind his back. "Be a nice boy and tell us where your wallet, car keys, and credit card are or something bad might-" A strong bright light cut the leader off and Damien cried out, his tattoo suddenly blazed hot and began to spread through his body. The light from it caused all seven men to back away from the boy.

     "What trick is this?" a man yelled out, turning to run.

     "Hold your ground and fire!" ordered the bald alpha. Damien heard the sound of six gunshots and felt the tearing pain as one hit his shoulder.

     "Be still Damien," a female voice instructed the teenager. The light completely enveloped the boy and seconds later he found himself falling.

© 2011 Jordyn A. Ruhter

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Jordyn A. Ruhter
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"Be still Damien," a female voice instructed the teenager. The light completely enveloped the boy and seconds later he found himself falling.

I love this part, I sense someone or something on his side. Very vivide imagery, I love the tattoo and how you said "adopted the name" it was genious writing. Love this first chapter. Caught hold of me at the beginning.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow, this is brilliant mortal! Love it, Damien seems like a very interesting character. You had a nice choice of words and have succeeded in drawing me in; I'm really looking forward to read more of this; amazing~

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Jordyn A. Ruhter
Jordyn A. Ruhter


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