Prologue: Kenzie

Prologue: Kenzie

A Chapter by Jordyn A. Ruhter

     A light switched on, flooding Kenzie's eyes with light. In the background a machine beeped steadily, blaring her heartbeat for those in the room to hear.

     "Good morning Kenzie, it's time for your medicine," a nurse said, smiling as she brought a small cup of pills and one filled with water to the stricken girl. Kenzie's mother stood behind the nurse, watching her daughter's actions with a kind of concern only a worried mother could show. Taking each pill in her palm, Kenzie swallowed the four 'medical wonders' fowllowed by a gulp of water.

     The nurse smiled cheerfully, leaving mother and daughter alone together.

     "Mom, why am I here?" asked the black haired teenager.

     A frail smile took the lips of Kenzie's mother. "You were talking gibberish," was the faint reply, given as Jenna took a seat next to her daughter's bed. "It's not possible for plants to talk to you. Nor is it funny to say that animals seem to comply to your wishes."

     Kenzie frowned, having told her mother the truth the day previous. It was a truth she'd kept for several days, one she'd been hesitant to confess to her only parent and look at where she was because of it.

     "It was the truth Mother," snarled the girl as she felt the drugs take affect. A cloud swamped her mind slowly, and Kenzie knew her time for coherient conversation was limited.

     Jenna looked away, out the dark window of the hospital room. Tears welled at her eyes. "What have I done wrong with her?!" she screamed to herself. "Look sweety," she began to explain to her only child. "I don't know when you decided to tattoo your shoulder with such an odd word as Earth but I can get past it. What I  can't get past is you speaking about talking to plants and rocks, telling animals what to do, and saying you can tell where there will be an earthquake." Jenna took a breath and glanced back at her daughter, noting anger in the violet eyes that glared back.

     "Fine. I was lying. It was only a joke Mom, now can we leave?" Kenzie questioned.

     Jenna smiled at the excuse. "When the doctors show us your brain scans and-" The woman was stopped by shattering glass. The window she'd be glancing out was shattered and an alarm began to go off. The cause of the broken glass reached towards Kenzie, vines twining together to form a stronger bond as the girl reached out to them with one hand and tore off the wires attached to her chest with the other. The heart moniter immediately flatlined, causing another alarm to sound.

     "Good bye Mom," Kenzie announced, giving a small wave to her frightened mother as the vines twined around the girl. Only a moment later was she falling into a field of wildflowers.

© 2011 Jordyn A. Ruhter

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Creepy and awesome. I loved the end so much. Your chapters are short and could be spruced up however they are still good and your writing style is awesome.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Jordyn A. Ruhter
Jordyn A. Ruhter


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