Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter One: Introduction

A Chapter by Jordyn A. Ruhter

     Damien collapsed back on to several variety of wildflowers, the pain of his shoulder growing. Within the next six seconds he heard three pops and sat up, his right hand moving to stem the flow of blood that was bursting from his shoulder.

     Two girls and a boy sat up, each quickly noticing the others and their odd location.

     The girl closet to Damien, a schoolgirl by her uniform, held her right arm close to her body with her left hand. Tears rolled down her red cheeks and down the white blouse she wore.

     Joshua stood quickly and was followed by the black haired girl to his right.

     "Who are you?" Kenzie asked, brushing crushed plant parts from her hospital gown.

     Damien looked from the injured girl to the one who had asked the question that was on all of their minds. He got to his knees and crawled the short distance to Rayne.

     "Are you alright?" he asked, reaching for her with a bloody hand.

     Rayne screamed at the sight of the dark teen reaching for her with a bloody hand.

     Damien laughed deeply. "It's okay. I've only been shot. Now, are you okay?"

     The girl muttered something under her breathe and Damien caught the words "broke my arm".

     Kenzie glanced at Damien's wound, her arms crossed over her chest, and then at Joshua. "We need to help them." The other boy nodded. "I'll get the girl."

     The uninjured pair knelt next to their patient.

     Kenzie smiled brightly, despite the weighing effects of the drugs. "My name's Kenzie," she began while reaching for a black school jacket that lay next to the girl. "I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my mom. I have no siblings because my father died when I was three weeks old, according to my mom. She's never had the heart to remarry. I'm eighteen, having been born on September 13th. Therefore I'm a Virgo." Kenzie ripped the jacket into a long strip as she spoke, ignoring the other girl's protesting gasps.

     "M-my jacket!" Rayne cried at last.

     "Look, if your arm's broken then it needs to be in a sling." Even as she explained, Kenzie carefully took the girl's injured arm and set it gently in the fabric. 

     Behind the girls spoke Damien. "I'm Damien, a full blood New Yorker. I have no family, no friends, and no home. I was born December 30th eighteen years ago." Joshua began ripping strips of both shirts, Damien's gray shirt (the black trench coat having been discarded to the side) and Joshua's tight black tank top. He began padding the wound on Damien's shoulder, wrapping knotted strips to hold the pad in place. 

     "Joshua, 18, October 9th, LA," he mindlessly added.

     Rayne quietly added her information as Kenzie tied the fabric into a knot behind the blonde hair. "Um, my name's Rayne. I live in Miami by myself. I'm eighteen and my birthday's November 2nd."

     Joshua and Kenzie stood and announced "There," at the same time. Each smiled as they helped their patient to stand as well.

     "I can't last much longer. I've lost too much blood," Damien thought before saying "We need to find shelter." He looked around, noting their location in the back of his mind. Twelve hundred feet to the West began a dense forest, North showed mountains, and to the South and East the field continued endlessly.

     "Who said shelter? I'm going home," Kenzie barked, heading towards the forest. She took three steps, stopped, and sighed before returning to the others. "Or not. We're not in the US anymore."

© 2011 Jordyn A. Ruhter

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Chapter One: This was a little confusing. I think you had the kids stating who they were a little strange and on the first "chapter". It's like a robot answering a question that was never asked.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Jordyn A. Ruhter


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