Dark Brotherhood

Dark Brotherhood

A Chapter by Cody Wiggins

Kinda giving a description of the Brotherhood for those who didn't play the game


...The Dark Brotherhood, to have asked to destroy them is almost asking for the impossible. A group of the best murderers, cut-throats, thieves, and scum in all the world. Why would this man be willing to teach me his ways for me to use it aginst them, why can he not do it himself.

     "Yes assassin I demand that in payment for saving your life you will help me destroy the Dark Brotherhood."

The Old Man says each word as if he purposely hopes to kill me in a indirect way.

     "And how exactly do you propose we do that wizard, I am weak and half dead and you are.........almost dead. How do you think we can take a whole den, nay a clan of assassins with vastly better skills thn myself"

"    Well assassin I hope to teach you the ways of magic. I also wasn't planning on attacking them with a wounded assassin. I mean what good would that do me?" Now assassin are you willing to learn or will I have to finish you myself here and now."

"I see no reason for that, i will learn what you can teach. I owe you a debt and plan on paying it back. Just remember I never agreed to let you live when we are done."

    "I would expect nothing less from an assassin, a backstabber, a murderer. I just wish to make the Brotherhood pay for their crimes."

    "Speaking of that Old Man I wanted to ask why, what did they do that compells you to get revenge?"

    "I thought of all people you would know assassin. I want them destroyed becasue they destroyed my family. YOU DESTROYED MY FAMILY!! I can never forgive those who bring pain."

     I had forgotten about the Old Man's daughter until he had brought it up again. I do not remember doing such a deed but I am a killer after awhile the hits all look the same. Still something about this was nagging at the back of my head. I guess I have no choice thought. There is only one way out of here. I might as well learn what the Old man can teach then maybe I can become the new leader of the Dark Brotherhood.

    "Well assassin do we have a deal?" at this the Old Man holds out a wrinkly, pruned hand in which i take and shake.

    "Yea old man for now i will be your puppet of destruction."

     How hard could it be to learn a few spells then kill the Brotherhood anyway. With my know how on the installation in which they call home i should be able to do it no problem.

© 2012 Cody Wiggins

Author's Note

Cody Wiggins
Hope you enjoy the new installation of Assassin. Still running with an idea. I really would like some help. Not really great when it comes to being descriptive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy and please keep reading there will be more. More blood, lust, love, murder, and suprises along the tail that is his.

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The dialogue is written well and flows nicely. and Skyrim

Posted 5 Years Ago

OMG who wrote this. This is my idea someone stole it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Cody Wiggins
Cody Wiggins

Ft. Campbell, KY

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