A far Friend

A far Friend

A Poem by Aurora (MC)

I can't stop blaming myself for the misery of others, I'm not helping rather worsening things for them, it'd be fair to step off!


I'm an Idiot 

Afraid and foolish, 

"Can't make friends" I say,

Everyday I'd waste,

Ruin my day.

I'd rip my skin along the wrist,

Again I'm an idiot,

I shouldn't do that at all,

Though I never reached the vein,

But what if one day I do?

Who's going to save me?

A feeble boneless spine,

A faceless anger,

An offensive gesture,

And of course it's a description of my presence,

I don't struggle though,

I think I'm,

It's worthless for anyone,

Who has seen more than mine.

Friends though,

It's an uncertainty 

A connection of poetry,

On a screen of words,

And we look deep in,

Emotions made out of meanings,

It's a lot for us,

For those who don't have "Friends".

But how'd I know if I get that another person,

Assumed honesty,

In pain and only smiles viewed on my screen?

And then why'd I do that,

To someone who saved much in time.

He'd never say "I can't."

He's enough brave though,

But being brave doesn't cuts off pains,

It's just a go through level high.

He's trying hard it seems,

And still he looks up at me and smiles,

A soothing hand of words

On my shoulder to tell “It’s OK.”

He says I’ll fly high

But will he be left behind when I take that flight?

If not will I be one of them to take advantage

Of his selfless kindness,

An unconditional bond we made,

We call it “Friends”

Just that.

© 2019 Aurora (MC)

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Added on November 10, 2019
Last Updated on November 10, 2019


Aurora (MC)
Aurora (MC)

Hello!...This is a sweet little troublesome girl... I am a young artist and I love reading and writing. I am something like addicted to books. I have a silly habit, that is I sleep with a book in m.. more..

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