Limp Heart

Limp Heart

A Poem by Aurora (MC)

I've been feeling limp since a while, not being able to paint and really frustrated.

What right you had to give me such a pain?
An immense heartache and self hate,
I can't save myself from getting getting ripped
And cause my pains to flow out into streams of blood
And the clot that tells me it hasn't healed yet.
I cried at night, I cried alone,
I screamed inside but I had to hold on,
And you, you were feeling proud,
The victory that you caused me so,
A paralysis in the whole right and I still feel the pain,
The returning pain of burning brushes,
A tint of memories lost on dark,
I felt torn off from that part
I'm tired of feeling, broken, damaged, selfless, 
Worthless, never-good-enough to show,
I'm tired of being judged for everything I do
I'm tired of all my flaws, and insecurities.
You know,
I can't even pick up my brush now,
I'm losing sensation after anaesthetic injected,
I can't put my grip around the smooth slim wooden body,
And each time I picked a little, it fell down again,
I cried but no one heard a squeak,
I pressed my mouth in my palm
And buried my face on the floor,
"I can't paint."
You had no right to snatch it away from me,
It burns my heart in feeling,
I'm fighting  really hard,
You can't feel it, you stone heart beast,
You don't know how's it to lose,
You showed me things,
Pissed off emotions, 
I've never felt tentanized,
You know what, you're a tormentor,
And I was the victim of that torment.
If I silently died, you'll be responsible,
I'm in pain because of you,
I lost my senses my body, my smile,
And falling down,
In bits and ashes,
I'm losing, blinding my eyes,
Now my heart is half paralyzed,
Now a limp heart.

© 2019 Aurora (MC)

Author's Note

Aurora (MC)
I am recalled by the ache of feeling paralyzed when my nerve damaged on my wrist and I couldn't move anymore. Whole of my right arm felt limp and I still can't paint.

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A very touching poem. Your words are cathartic and moved me very much. I hope you feel better soon. All good things.

Posted 1 Month Ago

well you let your feelings pour out of you in this write

Posted 1 Month Ago

I would give ANYTHING to have ever had the courage to tell someone off as powerfully & articulately as this! I've been feeling a little "rant"-ish lately, so this really feels good to me. Thru most of my reading, I was picturing the "other" in this poem to be, not another human, but the various things in life that torment us (for me, being bipolar, being in constant physical pain, etc.) I'll be doing so good for a couple weeks, but I always get knocked down by one of these things in life. At the point in your poem where you wrote "I can't paint" . . . I actually exclaimed "OH MY GAWD!" out loud as I was reading, becuz your poem became so passionate from that point onward. In life, we all have talents or skills that are taken away. For example, musician who can't play anymore, or like me, adventurer who can barely walk now (after neck surgery). It's totally f*****g heartbreaking to have these valuable parts of oneself destroyed. I very strongly felt the anguish of not being able to paint, for you . . . becuz your words delivered the power, not becuz I had had similar experiences in life (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Aurora (MC)
Aurora (MC)

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