Poems are Colorless Scribbles

Poems are Colorless Scribbles

A Poem by Aurora (MC)

On not being able to paint.

A memory, I don't want forever,
A burn kept covered,
It wasn't me reasonably 
Wanting to end up cowardly.
Do you think these words,
Some verses, rhymes,
Barred in syllables and offensive when broke,
These colorless scribes, limited to lines,
Are enough for me?
For me? 
Poetry is never enough,
Words, rhymes, rules are never enough 
I feel caged in like a writhing bird,
Not having enough space to fly,
Like my wings are caught, 
Confined to these bars in the end.
I feel I'm lying about me,
Like pseudologia fantastica,
This long term depression 
Seems to have conquered much of me,
It's getting numb day by day.
I don't feel pains, in fact nothing that'd pain,
Empty unless I'm suffering,
And losing worn masks,
It's essential for me to wear.
Poetry can't pay me the pleasure,
Can't pay me the honor I get from colors,
It's not immortal nor I want it to be,
It's no need to keep things decaying for generations,
In the name of creations.
Words are never enough when I've fallen for brushes,
When I had my first love for me end up in crimson,
And dawn can't play here but where I see, 
It's a painting on an infinite canvas.
I lost my voice, I didn't feel,
I broke my pen it didn't hurt,
I burned my brushes and I was burnt along with that,
But poetry with me never existed.

© 2019 Aurora (MC)

Author's Note

Aurora (MC)
I'm sorry if anyone really gets the meaning. I don't mean things sometimes.

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it`s your way of escape,and it always will be

Posted 1 Month Ago

Aurora (MC)

1 Month Ago

Yes an escape sometimes.

1 Month Ago

youuuuuuuuuu`re welcome
This is, far and away, the best thing you've written. You are totally on planet ecstasy here, as you practically have an artistically powerful orgasm in words. On one hand, I am totally agreeing (even tho I totally disagree) that words aren't enuf . . . you make us see & feel & EXPERIENCE that words aren't enuf for you . . . but on the other hand, your very words are making you seem like you're wrong becuz your words are so much, they seem as if they would have to be enuf for anyone. I've seen you write this powerfully a hundred times. But I've never seen you focus it like this . . . it's like a laser! You really make a memorable point & immerse the reader deep deep deep into it! I really love this poem! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Month Ago

Aurora (MC)

1 Month Ago

Yes you are free to totally disagree with this, it was a complete freedom to write anything so I jus.. read more

1 Month Ago

I enjoy watching the trajectory of your writing journey, as you go UP-UP-UP with creativity!
Poetry; ALL writing are just words on paper; or such; maybe in stone permanently so

Your brushes, pens, pencils can give colour and convey some depth but still don't tell the story

Statues: 3D Models give depth
None give the full story or picture

It is all just skimming the surface

Keep your brushes buy new if you must
work them together with pen and paper

Mat be we will learn who you really are

If we are lucky

Posted 1 Month Ago

Aurora (MC)

1 Month Ago

I'm sorry, it's something I can't justify. People who write poems and love poetry might find this an.. read more
Wild Rose

1 Month Ago

Oh that's what I thought
I was attempting to express that all media have their failings
read more

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Aurora (MC)
Aurora (MC)

Hello!...This is a sweet little troublesome girl... I am a young artist and I love reading and writing. I am something like addicted to books. I have a silly habit, that is I sleep with a book in m.. more..

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