The Protruding Monster

The Protruding Monster

A Poem by Aurora (MC)

A farewell to pains. I lose... I tried to reach the veins.


All those angels like me with broken wings,
Shed tears and all goodness along,
And the emptied heart soothes the wickedness
To move in and in, deep in.
Smooth petaled skin turns scales, sharp
Dry, dark and aches and aches,
And then I realize it's the monster inside me protruding out.
Ravens take flights, doves dead on earth rotting
Loathsome obnoxious odor of drying blood and rotting bones,
Moan protruding out of me.
Wriggled in affliction but I'd torment myself,
I am done with enough.
I hid behind curtains trying to cut my veins,
I ripped and dropped on floor to see if that's real blood,
Yes! It was real blood, it flooded out 
Like immensely tormented prisoners.
I saw my face on the fluid spilled red
It was a grotesque burned face,
My agitation didn't change me,
Only anger conquered.
I'm cursed when wings broke,
I can't fly anymore,
My flight ended here.
I lose! I am defeated of hopes,
I lie besides me buried in the grave,
And the butterflies dead on my walls,
The wings freak and break. 
Now I know I didn't turn into an angel again,
I'm a bloody monstrous maim.

Monsters are innocent,
Hatred is just the pain sunken in blood of angels,
Flickered in flame and stink oozed out,
Enormous evil ashes spread,
Now the eye watches on me always,
I've been beaten, bruised broken and destroyed,
Threatened to a suicidal death,
I am a MONSTER, 
Can't resist this anymore.
I'm just desperate to kill myself out of sins,
Desperate to look into the hollow depth of my dark heart.

© 2019 Aurora (MC)

Author's Note

Aurora (MC)
Hope I'll hold on.

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i guess hope is all we really do have,and it can falter

Posted 4 Weeks Ago

Your writing in this poem is very powerful & vivid & full of feeling. You make this inner torture into art. My only bump in reading this is becuz the idea of cutting seems to be stated as if it's a means to suicide. I'm not an expert on cutting, but I think this could be confusing to someone who does not understand the difference between cutting & slitting one's wrist to kill oneself. To me, there's a very big difference. But if you want to show cutting as a means to suicide, maybe that's how it feels when it's happening. I like that you paint a powerful picture of how it feels to be defeated. What would be interesting, would be to balance out so much bleakness with some more upbeat observation . . . like how cutting can be a release . . . like how contemplating suicide can help us find the strength to go on. I do not like reading purely dark messages. I believe there needs to be a note of hope in a dark message (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Month Ago

Oh, I think you'll do just fine.

I'm not an expert on poetry by any means, but I like this. I gravitate toward poems that plant a strong visual in my mind, and all I really care about is whether I see stuff that makes me feel stuff.

I also think the way you write is particularly well suited to poetry. You can kind of let your thoughts and emotions spill out onto the page, and you come through loud and clear.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Aurora (MC)

1 Month Ago

Thanks, I actually shouldn't recommend reading this. It's been a while I am too depressed with some .. read more

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Aurora (MC)
Aurora (MC)

Hello!...This is a sweet little troublesome girl... I am a young artist and I love reading and writing. I am something like addicted to books. I have a silly habit, that is I sleep with a book in m.. more..

Hey WC! Hey WC!

A Story by Aurora (MC)

Suicide Suicide

A Poem by Aurora (MC)

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