Writers Passion

Writers Passion

A Story by MDC (Missouri)

Motivational article wtih constructive guidelines to be a better writer.


    Obsession is not a dirty word. Writers, should also be readers of different genres and a variety of informational pieces, because of their passion with the written word.. Recently I read an article about former gang member, Ryan Blair, now a sucessful CEO, and gleaned something applicable for us writers, the concept of obessesion and business.   


    Ryan Blair, a wealthy entrepenaur, said, "The point is that you should be so obsessed with your business that you can't sleep at night because that's all you can think about. And that's your ultimate "business plan.""  The word obessed went off like a neon light in my mind.


   Great writers are obsessed with their vision, their concepts and their work. Our business is writing, no matter if it is poetry, ficiton or non-ficiton, in order to be successful we need to be obsessed with our work.


   If we are no longer fired up and obsessed about writing, we will not be productive writers. The aim of the obession, like the aim of a successful business, is to produce product, not just dream or talk about it.


  There are multitude of snags for the writer but we can be successful, we shall overcome. We may run into difficulties, just the way a new business does, but we need to anaylise the probem; then plan and stratefically correct our business of writing.


    Problems:  Technical difficulites, such as lack of structure, style, craft skills are just a few problems that can be resolved. There are terrific books on the craft of writing that you can find in the public library if you cannot afford them. 

    Have a hard time plodding through boring grammar rules? Solve it by writing a lesson plan for others and share it by writing it down. Retention improves by eighty percent, when the information is written down.

     Is it time? Assess your time management skills and rectify it. Writer John Grisham went to his law office hours before it opened to work on his first manuscript. 

     Environment, family, finances? Iit does not matter what the problem is you can overcome it, if you become obsessed with your writing. Need assistance with a problem? Branstorm with other writers on writing sites if you do not have a group.


     Hemingway disciplined himself by sitting at a blank page every day and not getting up until he wrote. One night he was overheard muttering, as he walked down the street, "Two hundred pages, two hundred pages, I wrote two hundred pages, today."


     The most important thing is for us to live our obsession, defining ourselves as writers. Author, denotes a published writer, but if you write daily and our obsessed with your work, you are a writer. If you are a published author, identify yourself as, "author and writer", in order to keep writing. Writer's  fulfill and live their obsession.








© 2011 MDC (Missouri)

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I like this as a outline for problem solving in life in general I believe that I will try using this outline as a lesson in self discipline.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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MDC (Missouri)
MDC (Missouri)


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