The Room with Two Doors

The Room with Two Doors

A Story by Alex Walters

You never know what you're going to get.

Once upon a time, there was a room that had two doors.
No windows.
No furniture.
No decorations.
Just two doors.

Nobody was in the room, but if there was, they wouldn't have been able to tell you where these doors lead. There was no way of knowing where these doors would take you unless you walked through them, and by then it was too late to turn back.
One day, one of these doors opened and a girl emerged. She was a beautiful girl, but her beauty was slightly hidden behind her exhausted face and pained eyes. She stumbled into the room and collapsed onto her knees, her shoulders heaving as she sobbed heavily onto the ground. An overwhelming sense of relief flowed through her, making her incapable of doing anything but crying from what she had just overcame.
You see, the door that she had just came out of was a miserable place. Never before had the woman felt as much pain and heartbreak as she did behind that door. The horrible nightmares, the hundreds of sleepless nights and the unbearable amount of emotional turmoil that she had been through had all been because of what was on the other side of that door. But now she was here, in this room of nothing, and all of what had been destroying her was gone.
After some time, the girl stopped crying and looked up at her surroundings. She looked in disgust at the door behind her and then turned to look back at the one in front of her.

Surely she must go through this second door, right?
She can't just stay here in this room of nothing forever.

But yet, as she looked at this door, an uneasy feeling of familiarity crept into the girls heart.
'This door looks normal,' she thought to herself, 'But so did that last door, and look how that turned out for me."
So the girl slowly sighed as she wrapped her arms around her legs and rested her mouth upon her knees, keeping her eyes focused on the door.
'But what if this door leads to something good?' she asked herself.
'Yeah, but what if it doesn't?' she replied.
'But what if it's better for me?'
She looked wearily at the edges of the door. It was a nice door, with a nice mahogany finish and a wonderful design carved intricately onto its surface. Overall, it looked very inviting, but you never can tell anymore. Something can seem so fantastic and enjoyable at first, but put your hand on that doorknob and you might find yourself walking into a room that's only nice from the outside. You never can tell anymore, so why open any doors in the first place?
So she sat there. In this room of nothing, she sat and stared, too afraid to see what was beyond that door.
After a while, time started to take it's toll on the girl. She started to weaken, losing her focus on the door and starting to close her eyes under the weight of her eyelids. There was no telling of time in this room, but days must have passed during her going in and out of sleep. Time became endless as she sat there in the room alone, slowly withering away. Spending a life in this room of nothing but two doors is not much of a life, but it's better than a life with the horrors that might exist in the very next room.
The girl started to thin away, with her resemblance becoming more and more similar to a skeleton as time passed on. First she started to feel too weak to walk around the room. Then she felt that she was no longer able to sit herself up. Finally, as she laid on the ground, she started to feel the strain in her eyes. The exhaustion in her bones were telling her that this would be the last time that she closed her eyes.
The light started to fade as her heartbeat slowed down, beat by beat. Her breaths became lighter and farther apart as she took one last weary look at the door.
The door creaked open. The girl's eyes widened as the door opened far enough for her to see inside. She felt a sudden shiver of dread flow through her body right before her very last breath escaped from her lips.

She wasn't terrified because the room beyond the door was horrible.

It's because it was beautiful.

© 2013 Alex Walters

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Nicely done. Once again, your writing has that effect on me. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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