Shades of Limbo

Shades of Limbo

A Book by Miki

© 2011 Miki

Author's Note

Have you ever wondered what happens to people's souls when they die? They are sentenced to a life living as a shade in Limbo, until they are called to their new bodies to be reborn. These shades that live in Limbo can be seen by very few mortals. Some shades are harmless, even friendly. Some are eerie, these are the ones that follow you, play pranks on unsuspecting humans, or watch you in your most vulnerable state: sleep. Then there are those who wish to cause you harm. These shades are the most powerful, and the most malignant. My name is Aislinn Elyza Gray, I can see these shades that threaten our world, and this is my story.

(I'm open to critique. Point out any spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, etc, that you can find. If you have any ideas on how I could make my writing better, let me know!)

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After "eerie," the comma should be a semicolon to correct the run-on sentence. After "powerful," in order to indicate emphasis of the four words that follow and because commas do not do such duty, the abrupt stop wanted should be indicated by changing the comma to an em dash with no space on either side.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on November 8, 2011
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