A Poem by Mylifeinheartbeats

A poem about calling someone out after a bad breakup.


You're gonna hate me for this. For every moment, every word.

You're going to wish you had never met me, wish you had never looked my way.

You're going to loathe the day my name fell out of your mouth, onto the hot sidewalk.

People were screaming out there; your mind full of excuses and old lullabies.

Children were dying out there; the pavement jungle yelling out your name, begging you.

You said to me: everything is going to be okay.

Like those words MEANT something. They meant nothing. People still hurt; I still hurt.

You're going to look at me with disgust.

You said you knew me, but you never looked past the surface.

All of the lies I told, the things I stole, the songs I sung, and you, so pure!

So righteous upon your throne, looking down at me.

Where did you get that power? Where did you get the choice to mean everything to me?

Who told you it was okay to say 'I need you' and not allow me to need you back?

But I'm okay.

No one believes the words I say, no one trusts me to make the right decision.

No one looks me in the eyes anymore, without fear or disgust.

No one wants me. You've made me an orphan.

But I'm okay.

This is all your fault, but you always hated taking the blame.

So you're going to hate me when I take all of this hate, all of this blame that you put on my shoulders,

and throw it away. I don't need it, and I don't need you.

You're going to hate yourself when we're through.

Are you happy now?

© 2012 Mylifeinheartbeats

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This is brilliant writing! I like the repetition of "But I'm okay". The way you end the piece, with the question, allows this poem to resonate long after we're done reading. Well done!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Thank you! It's always nice to hear such kind words, especially with a piece that came straight from.. read more

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Added on December 24, 2012
Last Updated on December 24, 2012
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