Laughing at Death

Laughing at Death

A Poem by Mylifeinheartbeats

Last winter, Donna was driving me home and we were laughing so hard we didn't see the buck that ran across the road, escaping the car by literal inches. If we had hit him, we would have died.

We were laughing until we realized how close to death we really got
silence ensued; quiet reflections on the fact that we still had finger bones
and no matter how lost and alone and scared you are
you kind of realize you want to live your life when the knife is at your throat
we turned up the radio even though the song was terrible
I think it was my favorite song that day; wholehearted appreciation that I could still hear
That I was still here and I was breathing and my heart hadn’t stopped beating
I was finally one of the lucky ones
Only because I could still twiddle my thumbs or reflect on the idea of a god
Or just sit quietly and try not to think anything
like maybe there are spaces between my ears where I am empty
but a moment before death, even empty is plenty
Sometimes I think I forget how easy it is to forget that we’re alive
that breathing is hard and we should do it with feeling
that even loss and pain and loneliness are better options than darkness
trust us, we were almost the disappearing magic trick
the shtick that made people cry and wonder why so young
we were almost songs unsung and even if our lives are just words on the radio
they still mean something to at least one person that we know
My tongue grazed my still-warm lips as I sang the chorus 
because it felt so good to be able to sing and that’s the thing
we’re all cliche because none of us know what we have until it’s over
from song to life to almost lover we are immune to time until it has passed
that’s why at first when we met death, we laughed.

© 2013 Mylifeinheartbeats

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Added on November 14, 2013
Last Updated on November 14, 2013
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