The Good, Bad Deed

The Good, Bad Deed

A Story by M. E. Burton

When someone does a good thing by doing something bad.


Sneaking into the principal's office, he was very cautious. Aion, mischievous and devious, took the key, he stole and turned the lock with a swift motion, heart racing. The old, rusty box, took forever to pry open The forbidden ballot box, he thought, he knew it was wrong rigging the votes but continued. He told himself that it was ok to cheat, this time, the vile Cindy Crawford would win if he did not she was planning on abusing her power as Student Council President. Cheating was for the well being of everyone he told himself.

He remembered the first time meeting the girl, sky blooming on a sunny afternoon. She moved in a reserved way, trying to remain inconspicuous. Her hips slightly swaying as she neared him.

"Hey you're Aion, right?" she asked, surprising him. He wasn't the most popular person at the time of this unfortunate event.

"Yes, why do you ask?" he stuttered out. He was very cautious, trying to remain invisible to everyone. He was still in shock that the blond beauty was speaking to him.

"Well, I just heard that you were a little shy, and I wanted to help you be less shy," she told him with a little deceiving giggle.

Thinking back to that day he cringes at how he trusted her so easily, and all the hard work of being unseen, slipping his grasp. To the day, he found out her plan, and it being a stormy day fit the mood. Not wanting to relive that nightmare he hikes up his backpack, securing it on his shoulders, slipping into the shadows.

© 2017 M. E. Burton

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Added on April 11, 2017
Last Updated on April 11, 2017
Tags: good, bad, comical