A Story by yuhee

You leaving me tastes like lemon.

Closing my eyes, how I wish everything was only a dream as until now I keep on dreaming of you. The old memories that I keep brushing off like a dust still keep on returning like how I always go back home for the things I had forgotten.

In the end it was you who taught me that some happiness can not be reclaimed and that some happiness can not happen twice. Perhaps that is the reason as why we should always seize every moment as if catching fireflies in one of those summer days.

My dark, horrid and hidden past which I dared not to speak of, without you they would have remained forever in the dark but you are my shining light illuminating the darkest spot I didn’t even know. Like how the moon always shines every night, with you my life never shine this bright. You are indeed my light as always. However there is a kind of happiness that will always come into end. Like there’s no one could ever hurt me more that when you had left me. That was the last lesson you taught me before you walked out of my life.

In the darkness I silently traced the outlines of your back with my gentle fingertips slowly run circles. I could still remember each of your contour and that soft smile in your lips as I listen to the humming of my heart beat melody while I’m blinded by the tears streaming down my face.

Tell me, what were you doing? What were you watching with that face with a look I’d never seen? You always have that sideways glace looking at nowhere I don’t know. Now if you are out there somewhere far away lost and drowning in the sea of tears I am having, with the same loneliness as I have then please won’t you just erase me from your memory? If you can forget me, then please forget. That is what I pray from the bottom of my heart.

I realized I was more in love with you than ever I really knew. Since the day we parted ways it seems that breathing now was not easy. Though we were together all that time it now almost feels like a lie. It seems so unreal how you were always by my side back then but I know I will never forget you that is the certain truth. The same with those lemons we love so much, its bitter scent until now remains embedded in my heart.

© 2019 yuhee

Author's Note

It's been so long since I had write here. Happy New Year!

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I adore this so much, and the metaphor with the lemons. A truly wonderful poem! (:

Posted 9 Months Ago

Wow, brilliant job on this one ! Happy New Year !!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Sometimes even when we write for another we always write for ourselves as well. These are letters from a heart of loss and longing. Fiction or not the emotions behind the words are what hold weight. Thanks

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on January 1, 2019
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A Poem by yuhee