A Poem by yuhee

Even after his death, Lan Zhan had kept looking for his soul through inquiry. Inspired from The Untamed series and Mo Dao Zu Shi anime.


Many lunar nights had passed

Yet the September’s eve rests the same

A lonely sound of guqin echoed

As the wind brings the message on every note

“Where are you?”

To that person I had kept looking

“Where are you?”

To that person I had kept waiting


An inquiry had been played for many times

No evening was ever silenced by the strum of guqin

A lonely heart seeks for the lonely lost soul

But no matter how tight the red string is

What had lost will remain lost


This song I play for inquiry

Though these hands may bleed

Repeatedly, I play and play

All the souls had been spoken

Yet no one was him

“Where are you?”

To the person I loathed

“Where are you?”

To the person I really did love


A soul may wander looking for what it had left

But it was I, who wanders looking for him

For every journey, a hope rises

That for instance I might find you

You, who had been lost

For every journey, I inquire

With wish that you might find your way

Back to where you supposed to be

Back to where the cloud recesses

Back to where your heart once was

Just simply come back to me


I rather believe your soul had gone astray

Than believing you weren’t

Yet my guqin had called too many souls

Too many missing souls

Yet still there was no you

“Where are you?”

To you who might be forever gone

“Where are you?”

To you who I wished to be still here


How many times should I continue?

How many nights should I keep playing?

How many souls should I call only to find you?

The inquiry had never ceased

As much as my hands never stopped strumming

Tell me beloved, just tell me

“Where are you?”

© 2020 yuhee

Author's Note

It was heartbreaking for Lan Zhan to witness his beloved's death while still being torn between his soulmate and his clan but what's more heartbreaking is that even how many years had already passed, he still keep on looking for Wei Wuxian.

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Strongly felt. The feeling when we lose someone we love, life changes, we rearrange time seems to be stopped waiting for the disbelief once gone never begone. There is turmoil in the loss of a loved one, yet in the end there is a peace of knowing someone so special and how their love is greater than the pain. Loved your write of eternal love a lover who smile with echoes of his lover's smile,
crashed down like a dove in a moment. Emotionally very poignant.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on May 17, 2020
Last Updated on May 17, 2020
Tags: sad, death, longing, losing someone, soulmate, the untamed, mo dao zu shi



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