A Flower Amonst the Weeds

A Flower Amonst the Weeds

A Poem by M Sanders

You say the right words that cut and scar
You shove and push until I fall
You paint me with your unpleasantries
Yet I allow it to go on

I am changed, I feel less warmth in the sun
The me I see is a person I no longer recognize
I cry tears in fear that I am not real
That I am transparent in this life you've built around me

I long for ways to escape, searching for a key
You are a burden I bear for no reason at all
I carry the weight of you without complaint
Just to become a stool for your feet to rest on

I am a caged spirit yearning to break free
However finding a strange comfort in my confinement
I take refuge in the loneliness I so despise
Knowing I will never be a spark in your heart

I lack the fuel to ignite even my own
No purpose to kindle that darkness in my chest
I look to the stars for a wish, a dream
To give me insight to the freedom I seek

Hatred towards myself takes root
A flower amongst the many weeds
Distressed by the shadows in my mind
I stay where I can not grow

© 2013 M Sanders

Author's Note

M Sanders
This is a personal peice. As a child I had a Step Father that pointed out every flaw in me. "WORTHLESS" Is what I came to know as my middle name. I spent over half of my life wondering why I was born at all if I served no purpose but being a failure in all my attempts to please him.

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I could see a quiet rage here. A rational façade above deep wounds.
"However, finding a strange comfort in my confinement", is a line showing the complexity and unhealthy dependence on a failed relationship.
Some of these relationships we feel an obligation to maintain and other we seem to just hang on to in vain hope something will change.
I found this read touching and profound.
Can a flower uproot and move to the sunlight? Maybe...

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on May 14, 2013
Last Updated on May 14, 2013


M Sanders
M Sanders


I am wild heart with an imagination, however I find it difficult to share the things I create. So I am here in an attempt to welcome feedback on my creations. I enjoy art in all of its forms. I love t.. more..

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